Earthquakes Canada - Seismograph Stations API

Up-to-date information on seismograph stations in Canada from NRCan’s Canadian National Seismic Network’s Station Book. Includes station name, location, instrument type, deployment date and more. Navigable by HTML through a Clean URLs interface. Data is available in GeoXML and GeoJSON. Planned future modifications will allow greater grouping capabilities and additional output formats.


Dataset Resources

Resource Name Format Language Link
Primary Index HTML English Download
Primary Index HTML French Download
Primary Index JSON Bilingual (English and French) Download
Primary Index XML Bilingual (English and French) Download

Developer Tools

  • The information on this page (the dataset metadata) is also available in JSON format
    Link to JSON format


  • Edward OG


    This API looks awesome, especially since it’s been designed with hypermedia in mind – I love how I can just follow the links to more details in the API response. Is there more detail available on what the fields mean? Some documentation around this would be really handy.

  • Edward OG


    Are sensor readings from the stations available through this API? That’d be really neat. Right now, I just get information about where the stations are geographically, and a little about each one’s capabilities, but this isn’t super interesting.

  • Christopher Majewski


    Edward, we're glad you found the data useful. We're working out some documentation for both APIs but it's not quite ready yet. As for sensor readings: Earthquakes start as raw data from stations. Seismologists then select some timespans from some stations and produce a "pick" file, and that "pick" file is converted with a bit of math into a "solution". We are now offering both ends of that equation and working our way to the middle. From the earthquakes, or "solutions", side we've had conversations in how to offer those pick files. The difficulty is in the translation to an open format - something that will be sorted and included in the Earthquake API. The data you're looking for would be a logical next step. The "detections" are available; we'll need to use those "picks" to know which to index. Keep using the data, keep commenting on what works and what doesn't. And for those looking for the earthquakes that go along with these stations: Earthquakes Canada - Earthquakes API (NRCan dataset representative)