Table. An overview of Canadian citizenship grants and proofs application processing for the years, with totals for grants (grant applications received, citizenship ceremonies, new Canadian citizens, and inventory) and for proofs (applications received, total outcomes (approved, refused, or closed for other reasons), and inventory). Comparisons (percentage change) are also provided.


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  • Statistician


    As of today October 2nd, the dataset downloaded doesn't match the temporal coverage published that supposedly reaches end of June 2013. The dataset is limited of end of March 2013. Please update the dataset to reflect the latest temporal coverage.

  • Statistician


    Seems like the temporal coverage was changed today to reflect the coverage of the old dataset ending in March 31, 2013. I was expecting the dataset to be updated with the latest statistics, not the temporal coverage to be backdated. Oh well! Looking forward to the new dataset with the temporal coverage that covers Q2 2013.

  • Attorneys


    Citizenship and Immigration Canada has failed to release its quarterly data in the first week of October 2013. Previous quarterly updates by Citizenship and Immigration Canada: 2013-Q1: 2013-07-02 2012-Q4: 2013-04-02 2012-Q3: 2013-01-02 2012-Q2: 2012-10-01 Please update the dataset with 2013-Q2 data.

  • Michels


    Hi, are the updates coming for this one anywhere soon?

  • Future Citizen


    As someone in queue waiting for the processing of my application, I am very interested to see the new statistics for the second quarter of 2013. How much longer will they be delayed? Thank you.

  • Statistician


    The quarterly statistics were due in the beginning of October. Any reason this dataset is being delayed?

  • Statistician


    The French version was updated to reflect the temporal coverage (Jan-Jun 2013), but the English version still shows the old dataset.

  • CIC Observer


    Why has no data been published since 4th Q 2013? This does not well support the claim an of Open Data policy.

  • open-ouvert


    The following response has been posted on behalf of Citizenship and Immigration Canada : "Thank you for your comment. We’re currently updating our data tables so that they’ll cover up to the end of the first quarter of 2014 and hope to have them posted in the near future"

  • UF Data nerd


    I was wondering why the data only goes back to 2009? and How or where can I get a longer historical database? Thanks, in advance, for you reply.

  • AP


    I would also like to know where I can get data on acquisition of Canadian citizenship before this time period.

  • open-ouvert


    Thank you for your feedback. We have forwarded your comment to the dataset provider for their response. Best regards, the Open Government Team