NuSEDS-New Salmon Escapement Database System NuSEDS is the Pacific Region’s centralized Oracle database that holds adult salmon escapement data. 1999-12-31 2017-11-08 Fisheries and Oceans Canada Nature and EnvironmentSalmonEscapementPacific NuSEDSCSV NuSEDS-Report DefinitionsCSV NuSEDS-Background InformationRTF Information.rtf NuSEDS-Report DefinitionsCSV NuSEDS-Background InformationRTF Information_French.rtf Conservation_Unit_DataCSV Conservation_Unit_System_SitesCSV Conservation_Unit_Report_DefinitionsCSV Conservation_Unit_Report_Definitions_FrenchCSV

NuSEDS-New Salmon Escapement Database System

NuSEDS is the Pacific Region’s centralized Oracle database that holds adult salmon escapement data.


Resource Name Resource Type Format Language Links
NuSEDS Dataset CSV English Access
NuSEDS-Report Definitions Guide CSV English Access
NuSEDS-Background Information Guide RTF English Access
NuSEDS-Report Definitions Guide CSV French Access
NuSEDS-Background Information Guide RTF French Access
Conservation_Unit_Data Dataset CSV English Access
Conservation_Unit_System_Sites Dataset CSV English Access
Conservation_Unit_Report_Definitions Guide CSV English Access
Conservation_Unit_Report_Definitions_French Guide CSV French Access

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  • British Columbia
  • Yukon

Comments (10)

I'm a streamkeeper for Stoney Creek, which is in Burnaby, not Coquitlam. I'm appalled that there are only 2 records for Stoney Creek in this database as we have been counting spawners and relaying that information to DFO for years: 38982942 Stoney Creek (Coquitlam) Coho Run 1 1996 1996 4 29C Coho RELEASED UNKNOWN Not Applicable 100-020100-56600-00000-0000-0000-000-000-000-000-000-000 NEAR FINAL 32895509 NOT INSPECTED 81765549 Stoney Creek (Coquitlam) Coho Run 1 1997 1997 4 29C Coho RELEASED UNKNOWN Unknown Estimate Method 100-020100-56600-00000-0000-0000-000-000-000-000-000-000 NEAR FINAL 44696786 PRESENT 10 How can we get our data into this database for others to see?

Hi there, your escapement data in CSV format is very difficult to navigate and interpret for the average person. Please refer to the extremely simple and easily interpreted escapement data source for the Columbia River in the below link. You simply enter location, species and year range that you want the data for and it gives you a well organized CSV file. I wish NuSEDS was as user friendly.

Thanks you, your comment has been forwarded to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Open Government Team

Hello, Response from the data owner: The way Open Data is structured it does not allow for actual queries of the data sources till after they are downloaded by the user. The NuSEDS dataset is bulky, but it does allow the user to download all of the data and perform their own queries on the whole dataset. There are plans underway to present the NuSEDS data on Open Maps/FGP, where users will have the ability to perform more queries and retrieve only the data they are interested in. Regards, Momin The Open Government team

May I ask if DFO might have this data in a more synthesized form so that the public can understand it? It took me quite a while to download the data but am having difficulties making sense of any of it. Thank you.

Hi Bo, thanks for your comment. I have forwarded your question to DFO for their response. Stay tuned! Momin, the Open Government team.

Bo, here's the response from the data owner: “The data as presented is in raw format and not rolled up into any form of synthesis. This allows the user of these data to roll up in any way that they choose. Published CSAS documents would provide a synthesis of these data. The metadata files presented on open data for the NuSEDS dataset describe the fields and also provide explanations of the data and how to interpret it. Hope this helps. Thanks.” CSAS publications may be searched by region, topic, etc. at this location: Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have further comments or questions. Thank you, Momin, the Open Government team.

FYI - I noticed that all Conservation_* csv files are sending 550 Err. Example: 550 Folder /pub/openData/Conservation_Unit_Data.csv not found

Hi, thank you for the heads-up. We're working on it now.

Files seem to be fine though very large so some take awhile to open. The NuSEDS data steward looked into it and found everything to be working. It's possible that the 550 errors are email related - would you mind sending a screenshot to if you're still getting the issue? Thank you, Kent on behalf of the open government team