Open Data Portal Catalogue

The open data portal catalogue is a downloadable dataset containing some key metadata for the general datasets available on the Government of Canada's Open Data portal.


Resource Name Resource Type Format Language Links
Dataset Dataset JSONL English


I am unable to download this dataset. I have tried four times just now, and received 50.1MB, 100.8MB, 46MB, and 67.4MB. I was using the Firefox browser, then switched to curl. curl returned the error, "curl: (18) transfer closed with 152781828 bytes remaining to read" Also, the metadata says that this dataset has not been updated since 2012. Is that correct? Since it's a catalogue, I would expect that it's updated every time a new dataset is released, if not ever time an existing dataset gets updated content. Thank you for supplying this data!

Hello, We have heard reports that this dataset can be difficult to download. Although we can`t reproduce the error we`ve heard that if you use a recovering download manager it can and will pick-up from where it left off. Instead of curl we`d recommend trying wget. As for the freshness of the data, the portal catalogue is updated everynight and will contain the most current information on that update. Note, the 'Date Modified' field reflects the date the metadata record has been updated, and not the data itself. Thank you,

I was able to download this dataset just now (4. March 2017), using the "Access" button and downloading via my web browser.. file od-do-canada.jl.gz is 107,069,912 Bytes. Expands to od-do-canada.jl at 952,836,611 Bytes. Merci. Thank you.