Field data for the mapping of wetlands in the St. Lawrence River between Cornwall and Trois-Pistoles, 2000-2001

Observations on various types of wetlands, terrestrial environments, and vascular plants for 864 sites visited in 2000 and 2001 along the St. Lawrence River, between Cornwall and Trois-Pistoles are included in this dataset. Since the 1990s, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has been monitoring changes in wetlands under the State of the St. Lawrence River Monitoring program of the St. Lawrence Action Plan.


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MilieuxHumides-fleuveSaintLaurent-Inventaire-2000-2001.csv Dataset CSV French Access
Wetlands-StLawrenceRiver-Inventory-2000-2001.csv Dataset CSV English Access
MilieuxHumides-fleuveSaintLaurent-sites-2000-2001.csv Dataset CSV French Access
Wetlands-StLawrenceRiver-sites-2000-2001.csv Dataset CSV English Access
MilieuxHumides-fleuveSaintLaurent-Arbres-2000-2001.csv Dataset CSV French Access
Wetlands-StLawrenceRiver-Trees-2000-2001.csv Dataset CSV English Access
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