History of the Federal Electoral Ridings, 1867-2010

"The History of the Federal Electoral Ridings, 1867-2010" dataset provides information on the electoral history of Canada since Confederation.

Included you will find the name, gender, occupation, party affiliation, election results of all the candidates to all the federal elections by riding.

The Library of Parliament would appreciate your feedback regarding your use of the data.

Feedback can be sent to the following e-mail address: parlinfo@parl.gc.ca


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Dataset Dataset CSV English Access
Data Dictionary Guide TXT French Access
Data Dictionary Guide TXT English Access
Dataset Dataset CSV French Access


  • Étienne Beaulé


    Dead link. loc.parl.gc.ca exists now and has a query interface. Is the CSV still available? Thanks!

  • open-ouvert


    Hi Étienne, thank you for flagging this. The links have been updated and should work now. Regards, Kent on behalf of the open-ouvert team

  • Stephen McMurtry


    It would be helpful if this dataset were updated to include the 2015 results.