Total Gaseous Mercury, Canada, 1994-2013

Total gaseous mercury TGM concentrations have been measured in Canada by the Canadian Air and Precipitation Monitoring Network CAPMoN and other Environment Canada projects.

At all locations the TGM measurements were made using automatic Tekran ® 2537 mercury vapour analyzers described in detail in Poissant, 1997 . The air is typically sampled at flow rates between 1.0 and 1.5 L/min depending on location and is passed through a Teflon filter 47 mm diameter; 0.45 µm at the sample line inlet to remove particulate matter. Inside the analyzer, the mercury in the sample air is pre-concentrated before analysis by amalgamation on gold cartridges 5 minute concentration time . Mercury is removed from the gold cartridges by thermal desorption and is detected using Cold Vapour Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometry CVAFS . The analyzer has two gold cartridges which allows alternate accumulation and desorption to occur simultaneously resulting in the continuous measurement of mercury in the air stream at 5 minute intervals. The instruments are calibrated daily using an internal mercury source and verified during routine site audits by manual injections of mercury from an external source. The data are quality controlled using the Environment Canada RDMQ Research Data Management and Quality Control system.


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