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CODE 2015 Winners

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What is CODE?

CODE is a 48-hour appathon, inviting developers, graphic designers, students, and anyone interested at trying their hand at coding to use Government of Canada open data found on this site.

For CODE 2015, participants were encouraged to mash-up federal datasets as well as include provincial, territorial, and municipal data when building apps. They were invited to explore Canada's open data portal, the CODE 2015 featured datasets and the Open Government across Canada page to access the wide array of dataset possibilities from across Canada.

Who are the CODE 2015 winners and finalists?

Canada Codes! CODE 2015 – Winners Showcase

FAN FAVOURITE WINNER - Team Bear Paws, from Richmond, BC with their COFY app – Career Opportunities for Youth – that aims at providing youths with an insight to employment statistics and projections.

Youth: Youth Employment

GRAND PRIZE WINNER - YOUTH  - Team Niew Labs with Career Path by Niew Labs app. The application is aimed at helping Canadian youth discover, research and choose future career paths. Team consists of Jigdel Kuyee, Rob McDiarmid, Daniil Shevelev and Lev Perelman, of Toronto and Vaughan, ON.

BEST STUDENT TEAM WINNER - Team SFU Data Crunchers with High School Down, Where Next? App. Helps Canadians find out how much a degree will cost them. Team consists of Jonathan Bhaskar, Bradley Ellert, Jasneet Sabharwal and Maryam Siabani of Burnaby and Coquitlam, BC.

  • Team Canada2020 with Yes You Can! App. The app allows Canadians to determine how far a specific career path can take them. Team consists of Rati Mehrotra and Vikas Nath of Toronto, ON.
  • Team Challengers with Canada Careers Finder app. Web portal giving information about plenty of careers available in Canada. Team consists of Alexandre Mathon Roy, of Montreal, QC.
  • Team Blazer with Blazer app. Matches Canadians to job offers in their area. Team consists of Majd Hussini, of Bedford, NS.

Commerce: Business Opportunities

COMMERCE WINNER  - Team Farm Canada with Farm Canada app. Farm Canada contains the historical data you need to make informed decisions and to keep you current. Team consists of Adam Michaleski and Steven Michaleski, of Calgary, AB and Winnipeg, MB.

  • Team datum with Todaytum app. Canadians can find all coverage on specific trending topics. Team consists of King Huang, Ezequiel Perdomo and Stephanie Stobart, of Calgary, AB.
  • Team IPPETAD with constellation app. Makes conference planning and joining a breeze using intuitive design and open government data. Team consists of Mariana Finlay, Andrew Fontaine, Ranek Kiil and Jacob Viau, of Edmonton, AB.
  • Team DATA ELEPHANT with wanderfull app. Gives you all the information you need while you travel around each city day to day. Team consists of Rudy Desjardins, Francis Jeanson, Jean-Christophe Pilaprat and Marcus Williams, of Toronto and Inisfil, ON.
  • Team CFJS with Research.ME app. Canadians can search for academics who received awards by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Team consists of Christian Béland, Frédéric Morin and Jean-Sébastien Thivierge, of Quebec and Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC.

Quality of Life: Healthy Living

QUALITY OF LIFE WINNER  - Team Neighbourfood with Neighbourfood app. Empowers Canadians to make healthy food choices as part of a healthy lifestyle, while encouraging them to engage with their local community. Team consists of Neil Gentleman, Amelia Hardjasa, Fergus Kung and Ivan Zverev, of Vancouver, BC.

  • Team YPP with BeeHappy app. Let's you calculate how happy you are! Get your Happy Score and compare it to others in your area and across the country. Team consists of James Filippelli, Anna Moorhouse and Ken Yong, of Vancouver, BC.
  • Team Ecotrust Canada with HypochondriApp app. Compares local risks with public perceptions. Team consists of Jim McDiarmid, Charles Fritz, Andrea Robertston and Clark Van Oyen, of Vancouver and Victoria, BC.
  • Team Exacto Systems with Prophesy app. Helps Canadians plan finances through post-secondary education and into their careers. Team consists of Alfred Yang, of Richmond Hill, ON.
  • Team Padawans with My Canadian Lifestyle app. Helps Canadians determine which city suits best with their lifestyle. Team consists of Johnny Ji, Mariana D'Ornellas, Elle Kasai and John Vidal, of Vancouver and Burnaby, BC.

Please visit XMG's official CODE website to learn more about the categories and development themes.

CODE 2015 prizes

Winners shared $40,000 in prizes.

  • Grand Prize: $15,000
  • Youth Category Winner: $5,000
  • Commerce Category Winner: $5,000
  • Quality of Life Category Winner: $5,000
  • Best Student Team: $5,000
  • Fan Favourite: $5,000

On top of the great prizes, the experience was rewarding for participants and the work produced has great potential to improve the lives of fellow Canadians.

When and where did CODE 2015 take place?

CODE 2015 took place for 48 hours from February 20th at 6pm to February 22, 2015. The event also coincided with International Open Data Day on February 21.

Participants took part from one of three VIP Hubs in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, various Partner Hubs, and virtually, from a variety of locations (homes, schools, or local coffee shops).

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