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Open Government is about making government more accessible to everyone. This means giving greater access to government data and information to the Canadian public and the businesses community.


What is Open Government? - Transcript

Question: So what is Open Government?

Thomas Kearney, senior project officer: Open Government to me is a path towards better democracy. It is a way to solve complex problems, to bring other people in.

Allison O’Beirne, senior advisor: Open Government is about bringing Canadians closer to the government that is supposed to serve them.

Jordan Zed, director, Open Government: Part of what we’re trying to do in Open Government is give citizens the tools that they need to create, to innovate, collaborate —

Mélanie Leury, project coordinator support officer: And from there, people can see it, people can review it, and they can comment on it. They can have a say. They can feel like they’re involved in a process that usually they would feel very removed. And I think that’s a great thing for democracy as a whole.

Portia Taylor, senior policy analyst: Adding your values, help shaping the open information, but also the decisions that are being made from the information that we hold as a government. It’s a great way for citizens to take hold of democracy and become a part of shaping it.

Taran Wasson, policy analyst: Yeah, I wish everyone will check open.canada.ca, check out our portal. You can find tons of information there on open data, open information, our action plan, and a lot more. Well, I have to put my pocket square back in.

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