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Health Canada


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Get Government of Canada Recalls and Safety Alerts on the go! Find information on everything from health and consumer products to food and vehicles. Wherever. Whenever. Check out the products you choose and use and help keep you and your family healthy and safe.


  • view and filter recalls and safety alerts
  • search recalls and safety alerts by categories (health and consumer products, food and vehicles)
  • search recalls and safety alerts by keywords (i.e,: brand name, product type)
  • view images and descriptions of products
  • share recalls and safety alerts by e-mail


  • health
  • Safety
  • recalls
  • Alerts
  • Health Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency

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Fri, 22 February, 2013

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Why is the App only showing auto recalls up to March 24, 2017?
what date of the month does the recall information re-fresh happen?
Hi there, Thank you for your question, feel free to contact Health Canada directly using the online form here I have also sent over your inquiry to my colleagues at Health Canada. Thank you and have a great day, Sabrina The Open Government Team
How do you get the web version of the app?
Thank you for your comment, you can access the web version here : We will look to improve navigation of these apps in the future, so thank you for highlighting this issue.