03. Canadian Open Data Exchange (ODX)


This page reflects our self-assessment of the status of this open government commitment as of July 2015, which we will leave posted for transparency purposes.


Establish an open data institute to support collaboration with the private sector, civil society, academia, and other levels of government to promote the commercialization of open data.


On Schedule

Lead Department(s): 
Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario)
Other Involved Actors: 
Canadian Digital Media Network
Open Text
University of Waterloo
Open Government Stream: 
Open Data
End Date: 

While all stated deliverables for this commitment are on track to be completed by June 2016, the full set of commitments will only be delivered over the course of the ODX’s initial three year work plan, ending in March 2018.


Description Results Next Steps Completion Level

1. Establish the Open Data Exchange (ODX) as a national marketplace for open data to undertake the following:

  • Developing new tools and applications that use government data;
  • Establishing a framework for open data standards;
  • Consulting with industry champions on demonstration projects for the commercialization of open data in priority sectors;
  • Launching a national outreach program
  • Incubating new data-driven companies
  • ODX was formally launched in Waterloo, ON in .
    • Preliminary discussions have been completed with industry to identify initial demonstration projects for data commercialization.
  • Initiate two demonstration projects, the first focusing on education () and a second by .
  • Establish Industry Advisory Board with participation of small and medium-sized enterprises and hold first board meeting ()
  • Complete review of national and international open data standards ()
  • Develop and launch outreach program ()
  • Develop plan for incubating new companies ()

Supports the principles of civic participation and increasing access to new technologies for openness and accountability. Activities are targeted at helping address the OGP Grand Challenge of improving public services by promoting collaboration among various sectors to demonstrate and catalyze the effective use of open data to meet socio-economic objectives.

Creates a platform and toolsets to help the private sector use government data to launch new products and create new companies to spur economic growth and create new jobs.


"Complete review of national and international open data standards" - To what extent is this work connecting with past and current initiatives by the Open Government Partnership Open Data Working Group (WG), the Open Data Charter Technical WG, the W3C Data on the Web Best Practices WG, and the Center for Government Excellence (John Hopkins University)?