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The consultation period is closed, but we want this to be an ongoing dialogue. Please contact us at any time.



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While the Government of Canada (GC) is moving ahead with the idea of open data, I think the GC is missing a significant related strategy. Other governments that have taken a leading role in developing their open data policies also address the importance of Open Information and Communication Read more...

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Great ideas but surely there are more out there!  This consultation needs to be more widely publicized both within the PS (to take on some of those great Blueprint 2020 ideas) and to the public.

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My idea is to treat data as assets in the same way as an oil field. A few hundred years ago, oil was there under our feet and was of no value. Now people are fighting to gain access to it.

The same thing holds true for the “dormant” data on myriad government servers (at every level). Read more...

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Hon. Tony Clement
President of the Treasury Board
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Ottawa, Ontario

Re: Open Government Consultations

Dear Minister Clement,

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the consultation process for Canada’s Open Read more...

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When submitting an idea there should be the option for a user to add their email address to be able to get notifications of any changes to their request. Currently when you suggest a data set, there is no confirmation that the idea has been successfully submitted or a way to easily find out the Read more...

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Create systems that allow existing data to be accessed and analyzed more easily, especially census and other StatsCan data.

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Stakeholders (organizations, funders, policy-makers, clients) in the nonprofit (NP) sector often do not have access to the information they need to make better decisions and to be more effective.


Considering that the Government of Canada (GoC) already partners with the NP Read more...

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Open data generates excitement from people with tech skills and expertise, while most citizens are left behind. Data literacy is essential to support the use of open data.


The government could support the implementation of open data literacy programs or “bootcamps” by local Read more...

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With rising healthcare costs and spending [1], there is an urgent need for the federal government to support innovative solutions to increase care efficiency, quality of health services, and government accountability. Canada could make available more and better quality information to its Read more...

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The federal government has released high-value datasets on fiscal transparency as part of its G8 Open Data Charter commitments [1]. However, the release of data is not an end in itself; the Open Government Declaration [2], which the government endorsed, includes a commitment to support civic Read more...

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The Government of Canada should develop a fund that will provide grants to enable groups to take existing and new data sources and make them available to the public in a way that is promotes broad citizen interaction with data. This fund will help to support organizations in their efforts to Read more...

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Open government inherently contains the ideas of inclusiveness, transparency and accountability. I'm super excited there is one portal to rule them all, but some groups will be inherently more difficult to engage but should nevertheless probably be a part of the conversation. So they should be Read more...

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Government of Canada through its departments and agencies provides various types of funding, loans and grants to various organizations to facilitate economic growth and development. Tax payers on the other hand have a common question to ask – where our tax money is going and what is the result Read more...

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Over the decades, the Government of Canada has published authoritative information on a wide variety of topics. These publications provide a substantial base for any study of public policy and give the context and background to current issues. As such they would be helpful to new public servants Read more...

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The government of Canada (GOC) produces more software (aka. applications, code, computer programs, scripts…) then you might think. All the data recently published on had to come from somewhere! In-house software is often needed to collect, sort & analyse this information.

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Central registry of all federal regulations, risk management and information gathering instruments and measures to increase stakeholder and general public awareness of requirements and restrictions that can be filtered on any number of associated fields including industry activity, industrial Read more...

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What I think I'd like to see more from the Federal government on the Open Government side of things (not so much Open Data). I'd like to see more public servants going out into the communities and introducing the Web Experience Toolkit or the Open Source "work-in-progress"


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While I agree fully with Dr. Doughty and Mr. Justice Gomery regarding the absolute importance of the official record and the pressing need for legislation, I believe legislation alone is not enough to achieve integrity. Proving both absence of records and criminal intent will be difficult. After Read more...

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The day to day records of government are the foundation of accountability, transparency and the rule of law.  Effective recordkeeping enables government to manage ongoing operations, deliver programs and services, and ensure accountability, stewardship, evaluation, audit, access to information, Read more...

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Enforcement officers, inspectors, investigators, and all those who support them work hard to keep Canadians safe and uphold regulatory standards. Sometimes the end result is a criminal court conviction which becomes public domain. Each department and agency should publish a notification online Read more...

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