The consultation period is closed, but we want this to be an ongoing dialogue. Please contact us at any time.

We will be holding open government workshops and conducting meetings with civil society as we work to develop Canada's Action Plan on Open Government 2016-18. The Honourable Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board, will also be making open government a focus for discussion as he meets with many individuals and organizations over the coming months.

Scheduled events

Event Date & Location
Canadian Open Dialogue Forum Ottawa, March 31 – April 1
Open dialogue with Minister Brison Google Hangout, April 6, 1:00pm
#OKFest Montreal, April 12
Open Government Workshop Edmonton, April 20
Canadian Open Data Summit Saint John, April 27 – 28
National Youth Leadership & Innovation Strategy Summit Toronto, April 29
Open Government Workshop Whitehorse, May 3, 2016
Open Government Workshop Victoria, May 5, 2016
Open Government Workshop Ottawa, May 10, 2016
Open Government Workshop Montreal, May 12, 2016


Do you know of any groups that would like to engage in a conversation about open government?


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User comments

Re: "Do you know of any groups"
We have been regularly meeting in Ottawa since 2002 on the theme of "Getting Open Source Logic INto Government". This is beyond the mere acquisition and use of Free/Libre and Open Source Software, but the opening of governance when the policies embedded in software are made open and transparent, and how government regulates software facilitates rather than creates barriers to being open and transparent.

Really informative forum.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

I like to participate the program

Je viens de recevoir l'invitation par courriel aujourd'hui le 5 avril. En anglais. Enfin.... Mais le sujet m'intéresse et j'aimerais bien participer aux échanges et discussions sur le sujet. Merci.

Salut Pierre,

Pourriez-vous envoyer l’invitation en question à Nous n’avons diffusé qu’un seul message hier (la consultation étant lancée la semaine dernière) et ce message était bilingue.


Kent au nom de l'équipe

Yes , I would like more information on particating on planning for our government to be
more transparent and honest in governing this beautiful country of Canada

The first step to an open government is inclusion. It is time to get out of the Ottawa bubble and consult with the rest of Canada -where are the Eastern and Western events?

We completely agree with you. Consultations in locations across the country are being booked as I write this. Keep checking back here - we post consultation venues as they become final.
Thanks so much for your comment!
Karin - open-ouvert