Canada’s Plans to the Open Government Partnership


The Government of Canada continuously renews its approach to open government, working with Canadian citizens, business and civil society. Following standards set by the international Open Government Partnership (OGP), we develop and report on plans that formalize Canada’s commitment to open, accountable, and transparent government.

Learn about the current plan and our progress, or search through the history of open government in Canada. The supporting consultations, analyses, and reports are available on each plan page.


Third Biennial Plan to the Open Government Partnership 2016-18

Canada’s third plan consists of 22 commitments, many of which focus on building the culture and capacity for Open Government. Canada’s approach in this Plan is structured within four priority areas: open by default; fiscal transparency; innovation, prosperity, and sustainable development; and engaging Canadians and the world.


Canada’s Action Plan on Open Government 2014-16

Canada’s second Action Plan included the Directive on Open Government, which made it mandatory for federal government departments and agencies to maximize the release of data and information. This Plan also established commitments to collaborate with provinces, territories, and municipalities through Open Data Canada, with the private sector through the Open Data Exchange, and with the international community through Open Data for Development. 2014-16 also saw an expansion of Government of Canada work on open contracting and open financial data and information.

End-of-term Self-assessment Report 2014-16 (January 2017)

This report offers a self-assessment of progress on Canada’s Action Plan on Open Government 2014-16. The plan sought to advance a series of commitments to help modernize how Government operates to reflect the evolving values and expectations of Canadians. This first End-of-term Self-assessment report is part of Canada’s commitment to the OGP. It outlines the implementation process for the completed 2014-16 Plan and summarizes progress achieved and lessons learned with regards to Canada’s objectives for 2014-2016.

Mid-term Self-assessment Report 2014-16 (January 2016)

This report is the Government of Canada’s self-assessment of how it was progressing on commitments in the Action Plan on Open Government 2014-16 at the mid-way point.


Canada’s Action Plan on Open Government 2012-14

Canada’s first plan to the Open Government Partnership, after joining the OGP in 2011, set a direction for how Government manages and releases records and changed Canada’s open data portal,, from a pilot into a permanent program. This Action Plan was structured along three streams of activity: open data, open information, and open dialogue.

Mid-term Self-assessment Report 2012-14

This report is the Government of Canada’s self-assessment of how it was progressing on commitments in the Action Plan on Open Government 2012-14 at the mid-way point.


Canada’s approach to open government is also driven by international agreements and collaboration.

The Open Government Partnership

In September 2011, Canada joined the international Open Government Partnership, which sets standards and practices and helps member countries work together.

Open Government Advisory Panel

A group of national and international experts helped guide the development and implementation of Canada’s first two action plans.

The G8 Open Data Charter

Canada and the other G8 members adopted the Open Data Charter in 2013, committing to a set of open data principles: Open data by default; Quality and quantity; Usable by all; Releasing data for improved governance; and Releasing data for innovation

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Mid-Term Self-Assessment Report on Canada's Action Plan on Open Government 2014-16

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