Open Government Implementation Plans


What are Open Government Implementation Plans?

When we talk about Open Government plans, we’re usually talking about two-year, Government of Canada-wide plans, like the Third Biennial Plan to the Open Government Partnership (2016-18). Open Government Implementation plans are different. Each was created by individual departments, and is particularly focused on the release of data and information. They describe how each department is planning to meet the requirements of the Directive on Open Government: who decides how they’ll release data and information, what actions they’re taking to maximize release, and how they’ll create an inventory of holdings.

The Open Government Implementation Plans listed below were finalized and submitted to the Treasury Board Secretariat in October 2015. One of the reasons it took us a while to publish them is because the template we used was not fully accessible, and so required further work to be published. The upside is that it got us to think about how to be open-by-design, and create templates that can easily be posted on our website.

To learn more about the Government of Canada's Open Government Implementation Plans, review the frequently asked questions.

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