Syrian Refugees – Monthly IRCC Updates


Syrian Refugees – Monthly IRCC Updates
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Where can I find information about studies that IRCC is funding on Syrian refugees?

Thank you for your comment Lori. The datasets reflect Syrian refugees who were admitted to Canada since Nov. 4, 2015 under the Canada’s Syrian refugee resettlement commitment. These datasets are updated on a monthly basis with May 2017 as the most recent available data. Our records of previously posted datasets show that the total number of Syrian refugees destined to Manitoba since November 4th, 2015 were 1,615 in March, 1,670 in April and 1,695 in May.

Thanks for providing these monthly updates. They are very helpful! I have one question though. Your latest table (Nov 2015 to April 2017 by province) shows only 1607 refugees coming to Manitoba. This is far lower than the figures you've reported earlier (5,375). Is there an error here?