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The links you provided me are all obsolete. The detailed map (1:25000) I wanted is a scanned map that dates from 1966 and has handwritten notes on it. The best map (but not detailed enough @1:50000) I found dates from 1995, 22 years ago!

Canmatrix and CanTopo: "This group of maps, which includes the CanMatrix and CanTopo collections, is now a legacy product that is no longer maintained. "

GeoGratis: "... as of August 31, 2017, the GeoGratis Catalogue and Search tools [are] no longer be available"

The only useful link ―despite the maps being dangerously outdated and GeoGratis being officially no longer available― is

Very little has changed on this site in the past 5 years. Still the same messages bragging about all the wonderful free marvels you can access; still no hint of where they are or how to locate any of them, instead of instructions that don't work. Still a bunch of dead buttons that say they lead to maps but instead just produce reams of computer code. Still instructions telling you to download maps by pressing a download button that doesn't actually exist.
I have been coming to this site for years in the hope someone would fix it and make it work. It would be great if Canadians actually could download maps for free. It doesn't seem too complicated or too much to ask. I don't understand why the government of Canada is unable to make IT work. It seems to be a chronic issue from the Phoenix pay system to this useless website.

Please, instead of saying "it works", give step-by-step instructions how to download a specific topographic map.

All that is available with the "ACCESS" button is a PDF file that tells me the map I want has the number 31H12, but it doesn't allow me to download that map.

Dear Walter, thank you for your inquiry.

Here are the links to access Natural Resources Canada digital topographic maps:

Digital topographic raster maps – ARCHIVED:

CanMatrix and CanTopo collections:
Toporama collection:

CanMatrix 31 H/12:

Toporama 31 h/12:

You can also access our topo maps from our GeoGratis website by clicking on the “Download Directory and Documentation” located on the left hand side of the GeoGratis main page, then scroll down to “Topographic Data and Maps - Maps” section and click on the collection of your choice.

Or use our HTML Index to find and download our most popular geospatial data:

We have an interactive mapping tool that could be of interest to you. You will find the Toporama - Mapping Tool at the following link: (for help with this tool, click on the question mark icon ? on the top right hand side of the page).

Hoping this information will be useful.

The Open Government team on behalf of NRCan

How can I find the "data" year for a given 1:250 000 scale map?

How do I find topographical maps to download for a specific region?

Hi Danny,
Thank you for your comment, have you tried to click the PDF ACCESS link - all the topographical maps are divided there by region - ATL, QC, etc. I tried it from here and it worked just fine.
Hope that helps,
The Open Government Team

Sorry but "it worked just fine" isn't a useful answer.

Please give step-by-step instructions for downloading a specific map.

All the PDF ACCESS link provides us is an index. For instance, I know that the map I want has the reference number 31H12 but it doesn't allow nor tell me how to download that topographic map.

Hello, I'll be needing the electrical grid network of Saskatchewan for research purpose. Is there any way to link those contents to the topographic map?

Hi Bikash,
Thank you for your comment, I have passed your question on to the dataset holder and we will get back to you as soon as possible on this.
Open Government Team

Hi Bikash,
I received a response to your request, here it is:
To have the Electrical grid network of Saskatchewan, customers must contact SaskPower
Unfortunately Natural Resource Canada does not have any recent electric network available. Users must contact Provinces.
I hope this helps,
Open Government Team

How do I search for 1:50,000 scale topographic maps without getting 85,000 results? Even by indicating a name of a map sheet, I get search results including other parts of Canada not related to the search terms.

How can I rate this site when I try to access the NTS map index and only get the html page coding. Fix!

Hi Anon,
Thanks for highlighting this. We forwarded your comment to Natural Resources Canada so they can fix the problem. We will let you know when the problem is solved.
Open Government Team

Hi Anon,

Here is the response of Natural Resources:

Hi Anon, there is no error, the first two links are Web Services (WMS) and it should look like that. You will need a Geographic Information System (GIS) software for that and also for viewing the shape files index (last link).
The NTS indexes in PDF and TIF formats are fine. The KML files Index is for use in Google Earth.
We will also have a HTML index (not yet available) on the Open Government Portal.

Find, visualize and download files via the Index of Geospatial Products HTML

Hope this help,
Open Government team