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I am a refugee registered with the UNHCR living in Kenya and I and my family and children were fully considered for ressetlement (G000018423).
due to reasons unknown my family and children were relocated to Canada without my knowledge and consent. I am still here in Kenya and I am really worried about how this happened.
I'm really depressed and i miss And love dearly my family and children.
kindly advise me.

I am submitted document

Hi, I'm looking for data on transportations contracts for exemple: Prime Vendor, Prime Vendor M/WBE Category, Current Amount, Original Amount , Start Date, End Date, Dollar Difference, Percent Difference, Contract #, Contract Type, Original/ Modified, Award Method . Where can I find those types of informations?


Can you clarify if you're inquiring about TBS transportation contracts or all of government?


Open Government

How do I obtained a copy of my records of all my employments since I came to Canada in 1973.pls.helping need a copy.

Can I see statistics on issuing visas over the past few years?

I am adopted and was told my mom was murdered when i was little how can i find more information about her.

Hi Alisha,
I'm sorry to hear about your situation.
This comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things, including historic statistics on immigration and visa applications, but we do not deal with these services directly.

I would recommend you contact Origins Canada:

Hope this helps,
Thom for the Open Government Team

Hi there a catalogue/listing somewhere that identfies the subject in Briefing note documents to see if relevant before putting in a request for them?

Briefing notes to the Minister and Deputy Minister 10443, 10470, 10483, 10484, 10498, 10500, 10504 and 10505.

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your comment. Departments aren’t currently mandated to release this information. You can see here, from Department of Finance’s released BNs, there is usually a title associated with the BN #, unless it isn’t released for privacy/security concerns.
That being said, if the proposed amendments to the Access to Information Act (Bill C-58) are approved by Parliament, government institutions and Minister’s Office will be required to publish selected publications.
Hope this helps,
Sabrina - Open Government Team

Is there a reason that there are no Immigration and Refugee Board ATI results posted after December 2016? I can't imagine that the IRB would go 6 months with not a single ATI response.


Thank you for your comment. I have forwarded your inquiry to the data owner for their response.


The Open Government team

Hello, I am looking for statistics of students - Study Permit holders - from Russia and Ukraine by provinces, level of study and educational institutions. I have found info rating the Study Permit holders by years, but still need more detailes about the destination. could you please help me with this type of information for my business investigation, since I work in Ukraine in the field of student recruiting for study in Canada. Thank you, With regards

Hi Natalia, thank you for your inquiry.

You may be able to obtain this information by submitting a request to IRCC for custom data. Please email with a detailed description of your request.

The Open Government team

I was trying to find a copy of the report below through google, and it gave me this page. If you could offer any help in locating a copy, I would really appreciate it

Fox, J. & Fraser, W. (2012). Report on the impact of the implementation of PBLA on LINC teachers. Internal technical report submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Government of Canada, January 2012.

Hi Yuliya,
Thank you for your inquiry. We would suggest you to make a formal request to the Access to Information Division. Here is the link to the form:
Sarah Berube, Open Government Team

If I am covered under the IFHP, could my medical records as part of the IFHP coverage be used without my permission in civil litigation by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration?

Hi Rudy,

This comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things, but we do not directly deal with questions about government services.

Your personal information is confidential and cannot be used by anyone without your permission. However, I recommend you consult with a lawyer for a more detailed answer.

Thank you,

The Open Government team


I was wonder if you could provide a link to an Excel format of the Organizational Project Management Capacity Assessment Tool or a name of a contact person to obtain this information.

Thank you for an direction that you can provide.

Is it possible to have information regarding Unidentified Flying Objects from Canadian Government Offices, Transport Canada, National Defense? I cannot find anything on the websites. Thank you.

Hi Emily,

If you search "Unidentified flying objects" at the following webpage you will be shown a list of completed ATIs:
You can submit an informal request to view the ones that interest you.

If you are looking for something specific, please contact the ATI coordinators for each respective offices and make your request there:

Please let me know if you have any questions, I hope this helps!
Momin, the Open Government team.


Who can I contact to obtain further information or details of specific contract?



This comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things but we don't deal with programs such as Ontario Works.

I recommend you contact the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services to have your inquiry addressed more directly. You can find their contact here:

I hope this helps.
Momin, Open Government team.

Good Morning, do you have a similar set of data summaries for 2013/2014 years?

Thank you, this is a brave step.

I come job visa from Canada how to get please try help me

When will this resource be available again?

I was looking for employment information about industrial desingers in Canada. B ut the only information you are showing is about Quebec. What about Vancouver and all the other places. And yes, update this the world is changing and the info provided is SOOOOO old. This is AUgust 2016.

Hi RitaSue,
Thank you for your comment. You can consult Completed Access to Information requests summaries to see if your questions have already been answered by specific government departments ( If your query has not been covered, you can also make an Access to Information request directly to a department's Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Coordinator (

Thank you and hope this helps,
Tasha, the Open Government Team

Where is Canada Post's ATIs?

The way the summaries are displayed has been changed. Each one used to show the basic topic, but now there's just a number and date for each item with no hint about the content. At leas that's how it has started displaying for me, and it was fine a couple of days ago. Could you take a look?

Hi Tom, thanks for your comment. We are experiencing some issues with the ATI pages. The 'Request Summary' and link to make an informal request will be restored shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The download URLs for the datasets are 404 Not Found.

Hi James, thanks for flagging the errors. We have updated the URLs, and they should now work properly.
If you notice any other issues, let us know!

I have been trying to acquire statistics from the department of immigration, specifically, in the latest wave of refugees, how many who applied were refused and for what reasons.
Needless to say, Immigration has not responded.
How do I go about getting timely responses from government ministries?

Thanks for your question, Rickart.
There are a couple of options open to you: first, you can check out Completed Access to Information requests summaries to see if your questions have already been answered by specific government departments ( If your query has not been covered, you can also make an Access to Information request directly to a department's Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Coordinator ( There are specified timelines for responses to ATIP requests, so this should address your concern around timely responses.
Best wishes, Karin open-ouvert team.

Hello, I have applied for my ATIP in November 2015, I have received a confirmation for a sent mal in December, but I have not received any mails. What should I do to get these data now? knowhingthat I have checked the list of requests and couldn't find my file number.

file number: P-2015-16985


How often is this list updated,and is it still updated?

Thanks for your comment,
I have forwarded your question to the data owner, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
For the Open Government Team

Hi Bech,
We have received a reply from the data owner and the Access to Information dataset is current and is updated monthly.
You might also be interested in the search portal at where you can search by subject or individual institution.
Hope this helps,
Thom for the Open Government Team

How long does it take to receive a copy of a completed ATIP. I have been waiting for over a week now for my requests.

This Excel dataset is very useful for researchers, but I have a few questions please:

(1) How often is the dataset updated? It says, “Date Modified: 2014-07-28” and “Frequency: Monthly.” Yet I found 3,795 cells with a 2015 date. To avoid confusion I strongly suggest posting a date of creation on each version of the dataset, even in its title.

(2) Could you please post a list on this website of all the Canadian agencies that are part of this database? i.e., just core ministries, or others such as crown corporations, boards, You say, “key federal institutions” are there but which are the non-key ones? “Summaries from additional institutions will be added” – I wonder who and when.

(3) I cannot understand the order in which the agencies appear on the dataset (starting with Western Economic Diversification, and Via Rail). Placing them alphabetically A-Z by title would be most useful for browsing.

(4) For historians, how far back is it possible to go, i.e., can a similar dataset be created going back to earlier days or even the 1990s, or is it too difficult to produce?

Just wondering when the data for the Department of Finance for June will be uploaded to this dataset. The HTML listing covers up to June but not the Excel data file (to May 2014).

Thank you for your comment. The following response has been posted on behalf of the data owner: "The process of scraping all GC organizations websites for completed ATI summaries occurs on a monthly basis. Since organizations have until the end of the month to post their previous months summaries up on their websites, it is possible that the scraping occurred before the organization posted their latest summaries. This would have delayed their inclusion into the currently available summaries and the downloadable dataset. The data you are looking for should be up on our site before the end of next week".

Thank you for catching that, the label for the dataset was mislabelled as this is a dataset that we update on a regular basis. While it was labeled as a spring 2013 dataset it contains much more recent data. The discrepancy has been addressed and we thank you for your time in pointing out this issue.

But why is it a year out of date!?

This is great!