North Circumpolar Region (2017)


North Circumpolar Region (2017)
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Note the links are not to a 2017 map but a 2008 map.

Hello Mr Peterson;

The Atlas of Canada “Wall Map - International” reference series are cartographic products designed for large format printing. As such, while originally based on geomatics datasets products, the final product are created using graphic software for the purpose of high quality printing.

This bilingual map at a scale of 1:9 000 000 shows the geography of the northern circumpolar region, north of approximately 55 degrees latitude. The map uses the azimuthal equidistant projection. All international boundaries, as well as the Canadian provincial and territorial boundaries and Canada's 200 nautical mile offshore exclusive economic zone are displayed on the map. National capital cities, other cities, towns, villages and hamlets along with some seasonally populated places are also shown. The map identifies a number of significant northern features, including the median sea ice extent from September 1981 to 2010, the tree line, undersea relief, land relief, the Magnetic North Pole, glaciers, ice fields and coastal ice shelves. Many of the physiographic and hydrographic features are also labelled.
What’s New In Natural Resources Canada’s North Circumpolar Region Map? (

The map is available for purchase from the Regional Distribution Centres or, alternatively, you can use the on-demand printing service from our network of Certified Map Printers.

Regional Distribution Centres: (for printed maps available for purchase)

Certified Map Printers: (for on-demand plotting)

Momin, the Open Government team on behalf of NRCan

Beautiful map - It would be of value of the data - features and coverages - that make up this excellent resource were made available so that it could be linked with other data - or even a Web Map Service.

Hi perry - thank you for your comment. I have forwarded your feedback to the data owner for their review.

Momin, the Open Government team.