Express Entry Permanent Residents – Monthly IRCC Updates


Express Entry Permanent Residents – Monthly IRCC Updates
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User comments

Hi, Can I get the data of the companies based in Canada, who has sponsored work permit for foreign employees? Or is their a list of companies in Information Technology Industry, who have invited foreign nationals (Preferably from India) to work in Canada?

Does CIC keep track of raw applicant data like New Zealand? (i.e. each row corresponding to a single applicant with columns for applicant characteristics without personal information)

Thank you for your suggestion Tim.

The IRCC datasets on the Open Data Portal presents an overview of immigration statistics, broken down by various demographic profiles. We will consider your suggestions for future enhancements to the Open Data Portal.

Can we please get a report for PRs by Provincial nominee programs every month?

Thank you for your comment Prakash. The data you are looking for can be found in the 'Canada - Admissions of Permanent Residents under Express Entry by Province/Territory of Intended Destination and Immigration Category' dataset.
Please note that we do not have data specific to provincial government programs.