Permanent Resident Cards


Permanent Resident Cards
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How long does it take to renew a permanent resident card? Reason for my question is my Common-law wife has been waiting for 10 weeks tomorrow. On-line is says 49 day processing time. 10 weeks = 70 days

Quinton, this comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things, but we do not deal directly with application status.

I recommend you contact IRCC directly. Contact info can be found here:

I hope this helps.
Momin, the Open Government team.

please say English permanent resident Canada I need get paper mail canada

Hi Angelica, can you clarify what information you are looking for? If you have questions related to immigration and citizenship, please visit this website:
I hope this helps.
Thank you. Momin, Open Government Team.

PR Card processing time for 2016 is marked as 120 and 169... (in months)??
That looks like something went wrong in the data sets.
Please check