National and Provincial/Territorial Greenhouse Gas Emission Tables


National and Provincial/Territorial Greenhouse Gas Emission Tables
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The provincial GHG data for the transportation sector in the 1990-2015 NIR report are substantially aggregated compared to those published in the 1990-2014 report. How can we obtain 1) disagregated transportation GHG data for 2015 that can be compared with data in the 1990-2014 NIR report ? 2) Where can we download data tables for the 1990-2014 NIR report ?

There are no links available. How do I access the data?

I am only able to get the tables in French.
How do I get the English tables?

Hi Steven, once you click on the access link you should go to a page that shows both the English and French datasets. If you click on the titles in English you will be directed to the English tables.

I hope that helps!
Momin, the Open Government team.

the links are dead

The following is posted on behalf of the data owner:

"The links have been updated."