National Hydro Network - NHN - GeoBase Series


National Hydro Network - NHN - GeoBase Series
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When using the WMS with Portal for ArcGIS the Legend does not appear properly. No text or symbols appear; Instead broken image icons appear. The layers I am trying to display are flow direction and network linear flow. Any help would be appreciated. Without a functioning legend the usefulness of this interesting WMS is greatly reduced. Thank you!

Hi Leandra,

The data owner ran some tests and ensured us that there is nothing wrong on their end. If you still need help, they've recommended that you contact them directly at 1-800-661-2638 or you can email us at and I will put you in contact with them directly via email.


The Open Government team

Legend is particularly well-organized and visually appealing. Cannot readily translate Identification Codes used in visualization.

Here is the response from the data owner:

Details about Identification Codes used in visualization can be found in the Product Specification documentation. Summarly, the NHN data model, based in part on LRS concepts, synthesizes hydrography and hydrology concepts in order to establish a network path through naturally occurring and constructed bodies of water. The NHN is composed of 19 classes grouped into 4 packages, of which 3, the Hydro Network, the Hydrographic and the Toponymy packages, are constituted of geometric features to which are attached a series of attributes describing Canada’s surface waters. The 4th, the Hydro Events package, one is constituted of non-geometric features that provide linkage attributes to hydrographic phenomenon linked
to the hydrographic network. More details here:

Thank you,

The Open Government team