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Thank you Karin. This is understandable, but disappointing to those of us concerned about equity, unconscious bias and sexism in science.

Please add to the expenditures data a column indicating emerging or established scholar status, and another column indicating sex of the PI. While applicant's sex can sometimes be guessed from names, this is unreliable.

Thanks for your query - this information has been shared with the dataset owner for consideration.

The Open-Ouvert team

Please see below for SSHRC's response to your request:
SSHRC only collects the personal information that is necessary to meet its administrative responsibilities. With the exception of the Insight Development Grants, SSHRC does not distinguish between emerging and established scholars in the awarding of grants. Similarly, the sex of applicants is not needed to meet SSHRC’s administrative responsibility, namely awarding grants through an objective merit review process. As such, SSHRC has no legal grounds for asking for an applicant’s sex. Furthermore, SSHRC can only share data at an aggregate level to protect the personal information it has collected (including the voluntary disclosure of an applicant’s sex) and to meet its legislative responsibilities under the Privacy Act.

Hope this is helpful,
Karin, the Open-ouvert team

No abstract? This is important information for public review, but missing from this open access dataset. In contrast, NSERC and CHIR both provide that.