Settlement Service Clients – Monthly IRCC Updates


Settlement Service Clients – Monthly IRCC Updates
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Thank you for your comment Araf. The breakdowns you listed may be returned in future updates to the Open Data Portal.
In the meantime, you may be able to obtain this data through a custom IRCC data request. To submit a request for data, please email the mailbox with a detailed description of your requested report.


Re dataset for settlement service clients by province/territory and immigration category: Just noticed that the new dataset (until April 30, 2017) has changed from the previous version posted (until February 2017).
There are 3 categories that are missing the details of individual program numbers and just list the totals. There is no mention of why it's been done this way this time. The three categories that are missing are: Protected Persons, All Other Immigration and Immigration category not stated. They are the last three sections in the set, just before the provincial Total numbers. Wondering if and how we can get the missing information.