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Is there a breakdown on visitors to Canada during the periods stated - by gender?

Thank you for your comment Crispin. You may be able to obtain this data through a custom IRCC data request. To submit a request for data, please email the mailbox with a detailed description of your requested report.

Can you please advise where I can find data on Super Visas (Grandparent & Parent). Yearly totals and totals since the inception of the program. Thank you.

Hi Anna, thank you for your comment. It appears we don't have a released dataset on Super Visas. Here is a link that you can use to suggest a dataset: Thank you and I hope this helps. Momin, Open Government Team.

I am not sure how to access the data. I click on access and nothing happens regardless of whether i do it in French or English. Is the data available?

Hi Michel,
The following response has been posted on behalf of the data owner:
"We were able to access the data, in both English and French. We suggest right clicking and downloading the tables or clicking on try "Save target as". If you continue to experience issues, please contact us at"

Thank you,
Tasha, the Open Government Team