Protected Areas


Protected Areas
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Greetings - the maps mentionned above are from the Atlas of Canada, circa 2009.

They were originally published as an interactive map in the online Atlas of Canada, 6th Edition. Federal, provincial or territorial and Aboriginal protected areas are grouped separately on this map to show their distribution throughout Canada in 2007. This map shows only the 1385 protected areas which are 10 square kilometres or larger.

The protected areas data originate from the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA) and its members,representing all Canadian provinces, territories and the federal government. Environment Canada's Canadian Wildlife Service compiled spatial and attribute data for protected areas that were larger than 1000 hectares, and provided the data to the Atlas of Canada. The Atlas of Canada integrated and generalized the protected areas data for national scales of 1:1 000 000 and smaller.

The Protected Area datasets used to create the map can be found in Shapefile format on the GeoGratis server. You can download using the FTP protocol and unzip locally.

Updated data can be found on the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA) website, under the CARTS section, in a variety of file formats.

Good luck with your project!


I agree, i don't see any data... only pdfs and jpegs of the atlas of Canada.

This doesn't seem to contain any actual geographic data. The downloads are just pictures/PDFs and metadata. On the on-page map, all I see is one huge shape for all of Canada.
I can see the protected areas when I zoom in a lot, but they are all behind the one huge shape. Are the protected area shapes I'm seeing just part of the base map (Atlas of Canada, perhaps)?