Open Government Across Canada

From coast to coast to coast Canadian provinces, territories and municipalities are joining the conversation on open government. Here you will find information about open government activities across the country, and tools to help get your jurisdiction engaged in open government.

Open Government Programs in Canada

Click on the map below to learn more about Open Government programs.

If you know of a Canadian jurisdiction with an Open Government program that is not listed below, please contact us to have it added so we can help to promote it.



Events Calendar

Would you like to participate in an Open Government event close to you? Below is a list of the latest Open Government events taking place across the country. If you know about an event that is not listed below, please send it to us and we will add it to the calendar.

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  1. GO Open Data

    Niagara, Ontario

  2. Canadian Open Data Summit 2015

    Ottawa, Ontario

  3. 3rd International Open Data Conference 2015

    Ottawa, Ontario

  4. Aqua Hacking

    Ottawa, Ontario / Gatineau, Québec

  5. Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences hackfest

    Ottawa, Ontario

  6. Apps for Alberta

    Across Canada

  7. Hack the North

  8. International Right to Know Day

  9. GTEC (Government Technology Exhibition and Conference) 2015

  10. Govmaker Conference

  11. Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE)


Check out the following ways that you can participate in Canada’s Open Government Community.

Open Government Toolkit

Why re-invent the wheel? Here are some key resources created by the Government of Canada to help you establish and maintain an Open Government program in your organization.

  • Canada's Action Plan on Open Government

    Follow this link to find out more about Canada’s progress to date on open government, as well as information about commitments Canada has made to improving open government both at home and with its international partners.

  • Open Data 101

    What is open data? Why does it matter? Learn the basics here.

  • Open Government FAQ

    Frequently asked questions (and answers!) about open government.

  • CKAN on Github

    CKAN is an open-source data management system, is free to download and use, and is what the Government of Canada uses to power its own open data portal.

  • Data Validation Tool on GitHub

Developers' Toolkit: Code for Canada

Access tools and resources to help you develop innovative and creative applications using open data.

Open Government Licence

Learn more about Canada's Open Government Licence. If you would like to implement the licence within your organization, see our implementation guidelines.