Idea details: Make code available for reuse across GoC & release to the public as Open Source Software


We should follow the direction here

(1) new custom code whose development is paid for by the Federal Government be made available for reuse across Federal agencies; and
(2) a portion of that new custom code be released to the public as Open Source Software (OSS).

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Je suis entièrement d’accord. Mieux encore le gouvernement pourrait faire une loi pour considérer les codes sources comme étant des documents administratifs. Ce qui les rendrait automatiquement accessible à toute personne qui souhaiterait les avoir pour les consulter et l’étudier. Un article très intéressant sur le sujet sur

Open Sourcing as many public information systems as possible is the only way to keep our information sovereignty while building a strong computing knowledge in Canada.

Fully support opening of source code produced by Government for the general welfare. In many cases, public release of code is a win-win cost-cutting measure, in that sharing of code is about reducing the burden of development for the government, enabling collaboration with private sector, other levels of government of even internationally. When we share the code, we share ideas, more people contribute and it makes it easier for everyone.

I completely agree with this. One additional criteria needs to be added, however.

Code that is released by the government should NOT have to be translated into both official languages. Instead, software with comments in EITHER official language should be released as soon as possible. All Federal government releases are currently mandated to be in both official languages. This policy has the unintended consequence of slowing down public data/code releases.

An anecdote: I used to work at Statistics Canada and officials there withheld open-sourcing software only because the lead developer worked in French and her comments in the code had not been translated to English. This was nearly a decade ago and the code has still not been released.

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