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The last public statistics is from the governor general fall 2011 audit. This audit talks about an agreement between IRCC and CBSA from 2006 which indicates CBSA can take 9-18 months (part 2-51 to 2055). 2-55 talks about measures CBSA wanted to add to decrease this time. There is no statistics since then.

Can you please give us the average it takes CBSA in 2015-2017 to complete security screening based on their current backlog? The time is different for each applicant based on nationality, background, etc. But statistics can shows the average waiting time based on the backlog and all other variables.


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So I have been in living in Canada for more than 8 years on valid study and work permits that were periodically updated as required. I have gone from being a young boy to a fully grown adult in Canada. All my friends are in Canada and Canadians. I cheer for Canada in international sporting events and follow Canadian teams in the MLB, NHL, NBA. I work hard and pay my taxes, but now all of a sudden I have become a security risk as per CBSA which is why they have been processing my application for the last 9 months. Job well done CBSA *big round of applause*

Our spouse sponsorship application is under Security screening since over 12 months .. please expedite the process and make it clear. We have been waiting for more than 2 years.. we need to reunite please help us..

Secruity Screening should be completed in given timeline

Please provide proper timeline for security screening process... so that we can plan for out future outlook.
You need to improve CBSA!


Security Screening timeline is insane. I am stuck for more than 5 months under Security screening and for more than 10 months since EE - AOR.

CBSA should release the time-frame to affected applicants, so that they can make appropriate decisions regarding the future.

Its been 5 years a part from my son. He celebrate Christmas Bday and even on his special day( graduation day) I'm not with him. He doesn't want to talk to me. This processing time is so prustrated! Hopeless! A lot of sacrifices. Leaving for 5 years with out my son.

Please provide the applicants with proper timelines regarding security, people have been putting their lifes on hold for the immigration

Will be helpful for all of us to have a defined timeframe

A timeline needs to be set for the security screening taking ages

These said time lines should be specified. It can make a difference in someone's life.

It's been more than 7 months for my "express" entry application. Background checks conducted by CBSA/CSIS is delaying my application. There is absolutely no timeline whatsoever on when my application be finalized. At least have a timeline for background checks!!

Please advise on the average time to finalize security screening

We seek to make Security Screening processing time estimates public

I'm waiting for 10 months since AOR already, what's wrong with all this security screening?

We need information on timeframe needed for CBSA to complete security screening. CSIS is doing security screenings too, but they at least provide the information whether they're done or file is still in process. Why this info is kept as a secret by CBSA? CBSA's nontransparency is affecting people's lives. Providing info on timeframe won't menace the security screening, it will just give people the choice to make a decision of their future life

Hello I have applied for express entry from USA (Iranian citizen) partly because trump policies regarding Iranian people. I have a PhD and a job and was hoping to move to Canada as soon as possible. However I have been selected for security screening and there is no way for me to estimate when this process going to finish. I don't want to stay in USA for much longer time and if I know security screening takes more than few month from today I would plan accordingly and consider accepting job offers in Asian or European countries. Releasing data related to security screening affected people will help many people like myself.

We need to know processing time at CBSA. If CSIS completed screening in 1day and is able to provide that information, then why is CBSA keeping the file for indefinite time? 12 months of processing at CBSA and not a single word of explanation how long it will take. No transparency in their work, lives are put on hold for almost 2 years because CBSA is not willing to share timeframe

Please improve your inefficient process of security screening.
It is just a systematic discrimination against certain countries of origin specially against Iranian.

Could you please provide us with timeframe for security screening completion

We need to know how long does it take CBSA to finalize security acreening

My application has been stuck in Security screening for more than 6 month and already in process in Abu dhabi office for more than 2 years ,Please please look in to it

You need to improve CBSA!

Is there any timeline for security screening? Does anyone actually follow up for those unlucky applications which are thrown in for indefinite screening? I had been waiting for my screening to complete for months now and still no end to this misery is in sight. Can you please share some timelines.

9 to 18 months is old data please post new one
This couldn't be accepted with the new EE system
US FBI maximum screening is 180 days
Please also indicate the category why some people with same background have different screening?
Is it the sole decision of an officer or a category that is known only to CBSA and IRCC?

I have been living in Canada for over 8 years. I have completed my Bachelors and Masters here as well. My express entry application has been stuck in “security screening” for the past 9 months. Can you please provide a timeline?

I cannot leave Canada because I do not have a TRV or a PR, both applications are in security screening. However, I do hold a valid work permit. This process is very frustrating and does not make sense at all. I can work in Canada but not allowed to leave and come back in?!

We are not asking for confidential information, its just processing times....i am not a Canadian PR holder or citizen but i paid 1000 to ircc right??? So i have some stake and contribution and i am a stakeholder with no power and influence.... I request plz provide time bands for CBSA and CSIS process E.g. 1 to 30 days __% of cases, 31 to 60 days ___% of cases, 61 to 90 days ___% of cases etc..

Please provide a timeline for processing the security screen so we can at least plan for our lives during the wait and please take the steps to shorten the processing time.

Please provide the stats at lease, so that we can plan our lives for the time being.

I know my security screening was completed by CISS and advice was sent to CBSA. I am looking to know what is the time-frame for completing the security screening by CBSA after receiving the advice from CISS!

Kindly provide the time line for security screening. Thanks

Please provide us with the average time it takes CBSA to complete security screening based on the current backlog. Thank you

Inland Permanent residency applicant here. I have been living here in Canada for over 8 years now. Cbsa has not finalized my security screening file yet even though csis did their part 6 months ago. Please publish the stats to show us what is going on. Is it just iranian nationals experiencin such a long wait time? I regret making a bad decision to be born in Iran. Everything in my life has to be so difficult and complicated because it was my fault that I chose to be born in iran.

Security screening destroying our marriages slowly, we are loosing hope day by day

We are living in Canada for almost 6 years and our security screening is still in processing with No timeframe of when it’s going to be finalized! We are tired of being temporary permit holders! Faster processing times are necessity!

Please provide us with statistics of security screening time frame in CBSA.

There should be some specific time frame for all the processing so we can plan out things accordingly or there should be progress details online so we can lookup and get updated easily

There should be some time frame for Security Screening. In the case there is an infinite delay then CBSA/CSIS should at-least convey the person the reason of the delay. People can't just keep waiting forever.. System needs to be improved...

Canada is know for being fair and have equal attitude to everyone.
That's what I thought before.
Now I know the ones selected for security screening wait for years, while others get IRCC decision in a couple of months. We don't know why have we been selected, how long to wait and what can we do.
All life decisions are delayed.
Please let us know what is happening and why processing of our security takes so long.

A time frame for immigrant screening would be highly helpful for those in limbo waiting for a decision on their applications.

Please provide the update frame for completing security screening

Please provide an update frame for security screening time .

It is bang out of order, your laws and regulation of security screening, when CSIS and criminality of the people has passed why CBSA holding the files ? specially on spouse sponsorship outland. the inland people are by their partners side so its ok how many years they have to wait, but your delays for outland and your carelessness is just not human, not right and not fair. Please look in to your backlogs and fix this issue you are keeping us apart from our spouses for no right reasons. you have said that you are going to process 80% of the applicant who have applied before December 2016 by December 2017 so what about those 20% how long more they have to wait and why? nonsense , this is complete torturing.

CBSA was supposed to prepare and publish new public statistics in 2016. The last one was published in 2011. There is no statistic since 2011. Please provide us with the average time it takes CBSA to comelete security screening based on the current backlog. Thank you

It is time for CBSA to take responsibility for improving security screening process. We applied under spouse sponsorship program. There are hundreds of Canadian professionals separated from their wives and husbands for years waiting for CBSA to finalize their cesurity screening. It is falling apart our relationships and already impacted our life and health. We would like CBSA to allocate time and resources to clear this backlog.

My spousal sponsorship application has been stuck in security screening since December 2016! MY Wife who is my sponsor got her MP to contact CSIS and ask about my security screening and according to CSIS they completed their security check on 3 April 2017 and advised CBSA and IRCC about it. It's more than 6 months since CSIS has completed its security screening and yet we dont know where we are standing! I absolutely understand the necessity of a background check by Canadian authorities but this has to be conducted within a reasonable time frame.
Please define a reasonable timeframe for security check and also publish the actual information available.
Thank you

Improve processing time for security screening of spouse sponsorship application

CBSA is taking too long to process security screening. Publishing of stats plus provisioning of service standard times is an absolute necessity.

CBSA is taking a bit too long in wrapping up the security screening requests of economic and spousal sponsorship cases sent to it by IRCC, and CBSA should be at least held accountable for why its officers are taking more than a year to complete the security screening. There are several cases right now where several applications economic and spousal sponsorship stream are stuck with cbsa for more than 18 months.

please help us, it is not on favor of human life to live 5 years far from each other.

I dont know when I can live with my wife again. 5 years is not a little time.

2017-10-03 14:01