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The Postal Code database that corresponds Postal Codes to geographic locations denoted by a Longitude and Latitude or Street Address range.


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This shouldn't even have to be under discussion, open government or not. Canada Post, the national mail monopoly, needs mailings to have a proper postal code affixed to them. However, rather than help its customers to fulfill this requirement, by allowing and indeed encouraging them to more fully embrace and automate it, they have for decades now lorded this database as some kind of income centre and the price for this short sighted arrogance has been a less competitive nation which operates much less productively relative to its competitor nations. It's sad that government in this country is so tin eared about the importance an efficient and accessible mail service is to a nation's economy. By imposing mailing standards and then obstructing access to fulfilling those standards is beyond the pale. WAKE UP!

Je veux me procurer les codes postaux canadien pour ma compagnie de transport

I need to clean customer data and do not have a listing of Canadian zips to use for reference. I'm very surprised that a listing of current Canadian zip codes does not already exist. Where can I access this information?

Hi Christina, the release of Postal Code data under the Open Government License is currently under review by Canada Post. We do not have a timeline on when this review will be completed.

In the meantime, if you would like to access this information you will have to contact Canada Post directly. More information can be found here:


The Open Government team


pour examen

Hello -

This is a suggested Postal Code dataset page. The data is not available for download on our Portal yet . The data is owned by Canada Post and is currently under review. We do not have a timeline on as to when the data will be made public.

Should you have any questions please email us at

Thank you,
The Open Government team

New customers in Canada, need to add Canadian postal codes to our database.


I need Postal Code database for my database management project.

Hi, How do I access the Postal Code DB so I can download a list of Canadian Provinces, Cities, and postal codes?

This seems a valuable tool. We've paid for Canada Post, so let's have the tool to be able to use it. I can certainly use it in my business. I see the comments go back to 2015. I won't hold my breath, but do provide it as soon as possible.

Hello. Is it possible to receive a complete Postal Code / affiliated Provence list for Canada? We are building our company's online checkout for Canadian market.

I need the database for Canada to convert 2 zipcode to a distance. Is it possible to have an excel document that contains all this datas ? Thanks a lot,

Hi there,
I need Postal Code database for my data science project.

Je suis une gestionnaire en transport pur une compagnie et je souhaite me procuré la liste complète des code postaux pour l'ensemble du canada et du quebec pour une programmation dans nos système informatique.


I need the database to autofill countries and province by zipcode for work

Hello. Is it possible to receive a complete Postal Code / affiliated Provence list for Canada? We are modifying our company's online checkout to be a smoother experience for our Canadian market.


J'aurais besoin d'une liste de tous les codes postaux du Canada

Hi there i'd like a spatial list of postal codes for a project to map public library funding across Ontario

School Project - Seneca College

Hello. Where can we get the full postal code listing for Canada? We are adapting our software for the Canadian market and this would assist greatly in ensuring our data is compliant to Canadian standards.

Hi, I would like to get a list for Canada for electronic marketing.

Hi, I would like to have the database for Canada for business intelligence purpose.

Hello, I would like to get a list for Canada for electronic marketing purposes.

i need postal code of east side regina

SVP codes postaux ile de montreal et rive sud montreal

I would like all the Postal codes for Manitoba if available.
Thanks Moses.

I need all postal codes for the Niagara region (12 municipalities) and rural Niagara.

J'ai besoin des codes postaux du Québec


I'm working on a project. Would you be able to assist and provide a mapping of postal codes in Vancouver and their corresponding longitudes and latitudes

thanks much

I require the postal codes for all of Alberta, how can I get them?

Need some shape files for research project

Can I get a shp. file of Ontario FSA's ?

Please provide full list of all current Canadian postal codes.

Is it possible to access data for Toronto postal codes listed by neighborhood?

Would like to download Canada postcodes


To whom it may concern,
I would like to have the postal code shapefile for southern ontario, specifically City of Hamilton, Niagara Region and Haldimand County.
This is part of a research project I am doing with bacteriological data collected by postal code.
Thank you.

Jayme D. Campbell
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
905-788-3135 ext.261

J'ai besoin des codes postaux du Québec


Please provide full list of all current Canadian postal codes.

Ensuring that postal codes are correctly mapped in the list.

Please provide full list of all Canadian postal codes.

i hope to find the postal code for the hotel in midland ontario

Linking postal code to store location

Linking city and postal code in database

Updating postal code and city in database

I need to find where the post code sitting.

postal map

2016-11-24 13:58