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The Postal Code database that corresponds Postal Codes to geographic locations denoted by a Longitude and Latitude or Street Address range.


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Could you please send me the postal codes for the City of Calgary CMA? Thanks

Mary Lou - this comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things, as well as pages where citizens can suggest datasets they'd like to see released to the public. Your search has landed you on a suggested dataset page. To find out postal code information, we suggest you have a look here on Canada Post's site:
Best wishes, the open government team

It has been more that 3 years that the demand is there... It's a public Data. Post Canada should not sell this.

Just for clarification, you have NOT been paying for Canada Post salaries - a very common misconception! Canada Post Corporation is just that, a corporation, and all salaries and operating expenses are paid for by the income generated by the products we sell and the services we provide; ALL aditional revenue (profits) go to our single share-holder, the Federal Government, meaning that your Federal taxes are lower because of the work CPC employees do!

thank you


Need a postal code!

This is a no brainer.

My new townhouse postal code does not work.
9 Abigail crescent
Caledon, ON

I like to know our new home postal code correctly.
Home address is 328 Elyse Crt. Aurora , ont

Postal Code + Long / Lat if definitively needed here.


I would like a database of postal codes for canada!

Just looking for a list of Canadian Postal Codes


Looking for address of MR& MRS Jean &Brendan Loughrin last known postcode LOW 156

Liste des codes postaux

Hi. I want to sign up and I can't use my postal code, how can I use it?

looking for calgary postal codes

curious about Canadian postal codes

michael roberts

needed for upload

needed for gis analysis

Looking for a csv for all postal codes

Quelle est l'adresse du code postal

Can I have a listing of all the postal codes in Canada please?



Je cherche le code postal d'une résidence au Québec

I am trying to get an online store up and going. I was speaking with Canada Post and requested a complete list of Postal Codes from them. They told me that this information is not available to the public.

this would be a fantastic tool

La carte des codes postaux est très utile pour identifier l'aire de provenance des locataires d'un immeuble que j'examine pour acheter.

Je cherche à savoir l'origine géographique de locataires et je n'ai que le code postal.

Besoin de connaitre les codes postaux pour les régions de la Mauricie

je recherche les codes postaux de canada

I am web developer. need zip code database for a website.

Postal code

Looking for a complete database to analyze Canadian customers to make sure postal code matches address

Postal Codes should be free to download and use

j'aime bien sur site

I need it for testing distance between two zip codes

Need DB for Postal Codes

J'aimerais avoir un répertoire de codes postaux pour Montréal-Nord

I am trying to do market research on N2K area in Waterloo are

Is there a way to get a full list of Canada Post Code and its corresponding city and province

Why do we have to pay to look up postal codes the service used to be and should be free to citizens!

How do you map some of the open data shared in the website without having a base map of postal addresses? Just answer me and I don't want the postal codes :)

Please provide this base map.



I cannot believe I now have to pay to get a postal code why are you doing this! This should be a free public service!

October 2016-- As near as I can determine, there is not a free database of Canadian Postal Codes available anywhere on the Internet. Is that correct? I see people have been begging, pleading, whining, etc for two years now for this and it still hasn't happened yet? Is this an accurate observation?