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The Postal Code database that corresponds Postal Codes to geographic locations denoted by a Longitude and Latitude or Street Address range.


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To whom it may concern,
I would like to have the postal code shapefile for southern ontario, specifically City of Hamilton, Niagara Region and Haldimand County.
This is part of a research project I am doing with bacteriological data collected by postal code.
Thank you.

Jayme D. Campbell
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
905-788-3135 ext.261

J'ai besoin des codes postaux du Québec


Please provide full list of all current Canadian postal codes.

Ensuring that postal codes are correctly mapped in the list.

Please provide full list of all Canadian postal codes.

i hope to find the postal code for the hotel in midland ontario

Linking postal code to store location

Linking city and postal code in database

Updating postal code and city in database

I need to find where the post code sitting.

postal map

mapping postal codes

GIS homework

Canadian citizen wanting to send birthday card to 6 Apsley Road in Toronto; looking for correct postal code

I can't believe this information doesn't already exist
Why is it not available for the public?
Why can't we search a postal code for small towns?

Testing reports


This would be extremely useful for research purposes

Need more ties socially with Canada organizations representing the new Israel

A Postal Code database would allow me to have preset city's with correct postal codes

for mapping on our reports

A Postal Code database would be extremely useful

Please give DATA!

This is something I was looking for

Hi this would be very helpful in being able to do mapping as well as matching places to maps, may roads have a large number of ways they cna be spelt and this would help aleviate that.

Postal Code List


I would need this data for web application mapping please.

I would need this data for my research. Thank you.

Need this to map locations

For geographic data analysis

Mapping postal codes to geo locations

For a project using Vancouver latitude and longitude data with the need to map it by postal cost at scale.

Required for Web Mapping purposes, please.

require list for a project

For our web based address look-up tool

Hello, I would like the database for my online web portal.

Thank you.

To test website

Need to convert lat and long from mobile phone to prefill postal code form.

Please provide a listing of Cities, Address's with Postal Codes for Ontario

To test website

Need for mapping customer locations

Need this for Website service for validation of authentic address.


Please update your postal code /addresses to reflect newly built addresses. Change of address cannot be done as your website does not recognize new development addresses yet, though Canada Post already updated theirs. Thanks

Need it for research



I need postal code areas for my franchise

2016-11-24 13:58