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The Postal Code database that corresponds Postal Codes to geographic locations denoted by a Longitude and Latitude or Street Address range.


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for personal use

for research

Hello! As with M.Ahsan's question, I am also wondering how long this will be under review. How often is the database updated? What are the access options for this database? Thanks!

How long is thing going to be under review?

Just need the proper city for efile transmitting

Postal codes cost customers time and money, and were created to reduce the work Canada Post did to deliver mail. CP had to advertise for years to get people to use them. Customers subsidize CP by using codes, at a cost per year likely in the billions., and it would be nice if customers didn't also have to pay to obtain postal codes, so they could then help CP by using them. Postal codes should be open data.

For analytics work.

This dataset is paid for with taxpayer funds, and should thus be an Open dataset! The LDU boundaries do not violate any privacy issues as they can be easily found on other web maps (e.g. Google). It's ludacris that they are not available right now!

Where can I download the postal codes for Cities and Providences in Canada ?

i would like a list of rural route postal codes for the niagara penninsula please

Please release this data as it should be publicly available as it was paid with taxes.

I need it for my research

my postal code

how do i find my postal code

I live at the West End of the K0A Postal Code. When I ask company websites to direct me to their closest store or location, I am often directed to the extreme East End of the K0A Postal Code. The reason is that K0A covers an area that wraps around the west, southwest, south, southeast and east ends of the National Capital. For example, when I ask Petro-Canada where their nearest station is, their website sends me to Casselman, which is a drive of 1.5 hours on an average day, despite the fact that the entire City of Ottawa stands between me and Casselman ! Could it be that the K0A Postal Code needs attention or that the company websites need to be upgraded ?

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I am searching for a comprehensive list of all FSA's in British Columbia. Is this something you can provide?



This dataset, paid for with taxpayer funds, should be an Open dataset. The amount of projects that will come as a result will be a HUGE benefit to Canada Post, as many more people will then do targeted marketing campaigns, and it will be easier and more cost effective to do so. Not releasing this data inhibits new business from doing what they need to do and does nothing to help the economy. This is a "pennies" dataset that will pay out in the hundreds of dollars once released.

Thank-you for your consideration on this manner.

Test my app

I am trying to find a postal code ,, I know the first half is
T9S ! I have not found anything that can show me postal codes in my area without signing up for a free trial for something or other,I realize that depending on the box number the last half of the code changes.

You can have access to the postal code through the open data from the city. We have them for Montreal under the name adress. No need to buy them from Canada Post if your city provides the same service. The only problem is that they are not polygon. The layer is a point layer and since there is a point dedicated to each address you can have multiple points for the same postal code.

Hi Pegah,
I am interested in Montreal's Postal Code data. At which URL can I find it?
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I am work for a brokerage and I need to confirm and Alberta postal code to properly rate coverage. The address isn't coming up in the post office's postal code lookup and the city will not get back to me. Can I find out that information here?

Hi Chelsea,

This comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things, but we do not have the information you are requesting.

I recommend you visit the following link:

I hope this helps!
Momin, Open Government team.


This information needs to be released to the public ! It should have been done years ago.
Businesses spend lots of money each month verifying addresses. Something that should be public information.
Please release this information now !

Is there any negotiation with Canada Post to find a way to release this information?

looking for postal codes lat long

hurry up. how is this not available yet??

Looking for an official postal code download

Unreal this is not available in 2017.

Looking of postal code for Aberdeen sk

Need a postal code listing for the Saskatoon area

Want to know the FSA codes

Please send me the postal code of toronto

I am looking for a source database that would give me a subscription to unlimited downloads and license of Postal Codes, Cities, Counties by Province in Canada to use as a comparison for Data Accuracy against our databases.

Is this something that is available through Government of Canada

Hi Charlene, please note that this comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. This is a question that is better fitted for Statistics Canada. Here is their contact page
Thank you and I hope this helps.
Momin, Open Government Team.

I want this data for personal usage

I am looking for the list of postal codes across Canada to Calculate shipping cost

I'm looking for a csv file of postal codes in Southwestern Ontario, can you send that to me?

Is it possible to get a list of postal codes for GC buildings across Canada ?

We operate a pest control business in Ontario that services the GTA. To help customers find us I have been asked to provide all the postal codes of areas we service. There are 100's if not 1000's! Is there are database of master list I can get?

Thank you.

I am looking for a report to identify the number of households per a given postal code.


Nested comment test

Could you please send me the postal codes for the City of Calgary CMA? Thanks

Mary Lou - this comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things, as well as pages where citizens can suggest datasets they'd like to see released to the public. Your search has landed you on a suggested dataset page. To find out postal code information, we suggest you have a look here on Canada Post's site:
Best wishes, the open government team

It has been more that 3 years that the demand is there... It's a public Data. Post Canada should not sell this.

2016-11-24 13:58