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The Postal Code database that corresponds Postal Codes to geographic locations denoted by a Longitude and Latitude or Street Address range.


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Having a polygonal representation of all Postal Codes would be a great tool to link with other datasets for further analyses. Please keep the OpenData initiative alive and well by including such datasets as the Postal Codes. GIS was founded in Canada so let's continue to be leaders - the more datasets readily available the easier it will be to engage citizens.

Agreed! A publicly available shapefile for use with GIS software, with a polygon for each postal code, would be immensely useful for data visualization projects and marketing. I could definitely use such a file in many marketing consultations. Please do this!

This is very important because in some cases there is no differentiator for some addresses. "12 Gibson Ave, Toronto" actually represents 3 different locations very distantly apart actually. The postal codes M4W 2L4, M9V 2S5 and M9N 1G1 become required at this point.

make Postal codes Free to use

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Have no data

Agreed - in order for us to do market based research and improve business, free postal code GIS layer is essential...

Canada Post has been at this a long time. The postal code database should have been free from the beginning. I am here because I am looking once again for a source of up to date postal codes that I don't have to pay for and don't have to submit piecemeal to some barely functional API.

Nothing excuses holding this data to ransom.

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Les données ouvertes OpenStreetMap sont utilisées par des cartes et outils de navigation routière, sur internet ou téléphone mobile. Pour les entreprises et les particulier, ce sont des applications quotidiennes très utiles.

Le code postal est une donnée géographique essentielle pour localiser plus précisément un endroit recherché. Il doit être considéré comme un bien public avec une licence de données ouvertes.

Please make postal code polygon shapefile release for canadian public use

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33 Mill St Toronto


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We paid for this data to be developed. It should be open!

A lot of research can't move forward without full postal codes, and not all valuable research has money to afford to pay.

Please. Thank You!

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I am working on a not for profit referral application for people without a family doctor. At the heart of it is to be able to find the nearest available clinic. An accurate postal code database is required for me to do this. When I contacted Canada Post I was told that the database would cost me $7,500 PER YEAR! It has stifled my ability to innovate. I see that there are many commercial databases available mostly from USA companies. So I may be sending $200 south of the border because Canada Post does not free up this data. We all understand that Canada Post is under sever financial pressure because of the internet, but stifling innovation through sky high licensing costs is not the way to go. At some point Canada Post will need money from general government revenue. Why not perk up public perception now by releasing the database.

Many environmental hazards that affect business decisions, insurance rates, urban flash flooding risk are hoarded by owners who are public bodies. In Ontario conservation authorities make you pay for individual floodplain maps that show environmental hazards - these flood hazard zones can't be easily be related to location like address or postal code. Postal code polygons should be available freely (along with environmental hazard data hoarded by others) so they can be used to efficiently educate and inform the public of spatial risks to society. Without postal codes, there is no other way to effectively communicate risks at the right scale - addresses are too fine, census tracts are too broad. Society can make better decisions with better data - the licensing cost of postal codes is a barrier to use.

when trying to sign up on-line to airmiles it said my address doesn't match the postal code data base..

There are plenty of petitions in the below/above postings but the "free" initiative to liberate the postal codes is still to desire. When are you going to put the postal codes online open to any user? Canadians have already paid for that development.

I am quite sure that Canada's postal codes are "somewhere" and should be easily accessible but I can't find them! Really this should be free public information since they essentially belong to the public I think.


Quel est le code postal du batîment situé au 12,Irwin avenue , Toronto, Ontario

merci de votre cooperation

Hi there,
I am a software developer for Techsol Engineering Inc. and currenltly working on developing asystem which show sthe ZIP codes of Canada. Could you please provide me the database for postal codes of all over canada to my email address?

please what is the postal code of 244 Walden landing SE Calgary

Why isn't this data open yet? Canada Post is a crown corporation, this data belongs to the public! Making this data freely available would benefit so many people!

Projects like and would benefit greatly. This then ties into open source GPS software like OSMand as well as so many other projects that use OSM data. In the end it simply allows me to more easily travel Canada, the country that I love.

Canada Post, if the issue truly is cost recovery then please share the numbers so that we can solve them together. Alienating the public will never work in your favor.

It's CRAZY that your new Find a Postal Code feature doesn't work and hasn't worked for months!!! CRAZY!

code postal du 134 union, st-lambert

Je suis loin d'être contenté car cela fait plusieurs fois que j'essaie de trouver un code postal pour une adresse normale et je n'arrive plus du tout à les obtenir de la façon dont vous avez réarrangé le site! C'était mieux avant, au moins c'était fonctionnel et beaucoup plus facile d'utilisation et je trouve que l'on devrait pouvoir avoir accès librement et gratuitement à cette information. C'est vraiment terrible ça et c'est vraiment pas drôle!

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2 years and this still hasn't been made available? Why is it so hard to release this data?

I'm developing the mobile APP for Federal Election and I need to obtain the most update postal code database in Canada. Where can I obtain these postal code database?

Not having postal code shape file in public domain makes lives of so many good people so much harder... Please please please Canada Post... We live in 21st century in civilized country

You don't have to beg the gov't for anything. They are the servants and we, the public, are the masters. Don't ask them, tell them you require the postal code list. If they refuse to provide what is requested of them take them to court; find out how much money a year they get from the "sale" of our personal information and sue them for the entire sum. I don't allow "junk" email into my mail, but if I ever find out someone at Canada Post is selling my personal property for a profit I'll horsewhip them.

Who does Norm think he is? Some sort of overlord?

I need canada zip code

Where is the database! This is public information owned by the public and should be available free!

I'm waiting for my mail from India. They have written a right address but they forget to write postal code. My address is : Amanpreet Dhillon
6633 148a street
Surrey BC
Canada V3S2W4

It is absolutely insane that this is not available