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Welcome to Canada’s new Open Government portal. Here you can explore how the Government of Canada is working with the national and international open government community to create greater transparency and accountability, increase citizen engagement, and drive innovation and economic opportunities through Open Data, Open Information, and Open Dialogue.

 About Open Government

Explore Canada’s Open Government commitments, discover Open Government programs across Canada, and learn more about the Open Government Licence.

 Open Data

Search Government of Canada data, learn how to work with datasets, see what people have done with our data.

 Open Information

Search Government of Canada digital records, completed Access to Information request summaries, and contracts over $10,000.

 Open Dialogue

Interact with Open Government experts and enthusiasts and share your ideas for new innovative approaches to Open Government.

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Open Government Across Canada

Explore Open Government programs and events from coast to coast to coast, get information and tools to help build your own portal, including implementing the Open Government Licence in your jurisdiction.

Mid-Term Self-Assessment Report on Canada's Action Plan on Open Government 2014-16

Read about our progress on Canada’s Open Government Action Plan.

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