Online availability of services and total applications

If all the applicable components for a specific service are available online, that service is considered fully online.

The total number of applications shows how often people or businesses applied for this service through all possible channels, such as online, by mail, over the telephone, in-person and by fax.

What components of this service are available online?
Component of this service Online status
A person or business can register a person, place or thing online
A person or business can authenticate themselves online
A person or business can apply online for this service
A person or business can be informed of the department’s decision online or through an electronic format
A person or business can be issued documentation online
A person or business can provide feedback online

Total number of Applications

This service reports no applications.
Percent of total applications that take place online

Summary of Service Standard Performance

Note: Results will be ‘ND’ when there is no data to report. 0% indicates that the services did not meet their standards.

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