Oceans Act Areas of Interest

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The selection of an Area of Interest (AOI) marks the beginning of the Oceans Act Marine Protected Area (MPA) establishment process led by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The process includes completing detailed ecological and socioeconomic assessments, setting conservation objectives, determining boundaries and management measures, and eventually developing the regulations under section 35 of the Oceans Act. Stakeholders are involved in each step of this process.

There is considerable scientific evidence that marine protected areas provide a number of ecological benefits, including the enhanced recruitment of fish species, including those of commercial value, through the protection of spawning areas, larval sources, habitats and migration routes. A well-designed MPA network can scale these benefits up to the regional level, and provide benefits that individual marine protected areas cannot provide on their own. For example, strategically placing marine protected areas in a network can protect key stops along a species’ migration route, and protect geographically distinct habitats that serve important life history functions. The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization has recognized the use of marine protected areas as complementary to conventional fisheries management measures in helping to achieve sustainable fisheries management objectives.

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