Hexagonal Grid of Canada

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The Hexagonal Grid of Canada is a geospatial grid of 516,322 individual hexagons covering the landmass of Canada. Each Hexagon is approximately 25square kilometres in size. Hexagons which span Provincial or Territorial boundaries have been split on the boundary, allowing for per Province or per Territory analysis and/or mapping. This data is based upon the historical Spectrum Management Grid Cells which were previously used by Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada for Spectrum licensing and management activities. The Hexagonal Grid of Canada is currently used for publicly displaying aggregated data related to broadband Internet service availability, but is equally applicable for other mapping or modelling purposes where a regular grid of Canada is required.

  • Publisher - Current Organization Name: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
  • Publisher - Organization Section Name: Connected Canada Branch
  • Licence: Open Government Licence - Canada

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