Proactive Disclosure - Grants and Contributions - Proactive Disclosure - Grants and Contributions

Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
ref_number text Reference Number
amendment_number text Amendment Number
amendment_date text Amendment Date
agreement_type text Agreement Type

This field indicates whether the agreement signed is a grant, contribution or other transfer payment.


  • C: Contribution
  • G: Grant
  • O: Other transfer payment
recipient_type text Recipient Type
recipient_business_number text Recipient Business Number
recipient_legal_name text Recipient Legal Name
recipient_operating_name text Recipient Operating Name
research_organization_name text Research Organization
recipient_country text Recipient Country
recipient_province text Recipient Province or Territory
recipient_city text Recipient City
recipient_postal_code text Recipient Postal Code
federal_riding_name_en text Federal Riding Name (English)
federal_riding_name_fr text Federal Riding Name (French)
federal_riding_number text Federal Riding Number
prog_name_en text Program Name (English)
prog_name_fr text Program Name (French)
prog_purpose_en text Program Purpose (English)
prog_purpose_fr text Program Purpose (French)
agreement_title_en text Agreement Title (English)
agreement_title_fr text Agreement Title (French)
agreement_number text Agreement Number
agreement_value text Agreement Value in CAD
foreign_currency_type text Foreign Currency Type
foreign_currency_value text Foreign Currency Value
agreement_start_date text Agreement Start Date
agreement_end_date text Projected Agreement End Date
coverage text Coverage
description_en text Description (English)
description_fr text Description (French)
naics_identifier text NAICS Identifier
expected_results_en text Expected Results or Intended Outcome (English)
expected_results_fr text Expected Results or Intended Outcome (French)
additional_information_en text Additional Information (English)
additional_information_fr text Additional Information (French)
owner_org text
owner_org_title text

Additional Information

Created February 20, 2017
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