Proactive Disclosure - Annual Expenditures on Travel, Hospitality and Conferences - Annual Expenditures on Travel, Hospitality and Conferences


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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
year text None
mandate_description_en text None
mandate_description_fr text None
operational_activities_kdollars text None
key_stakeholders_kdollars text None
training_kdollars text None
other_kdollars text None
internal_governance_kdollars text None
non_public_servants_kdollars text None
public_servants_kdollars text None
hospitality_kdollars text None
conference_fees_kdollars text None
minister_kdollars text None
travel_compared_fiscal_year_en text None
travel_compared_fiscal_year_fr text None
hospitality_compared_fiscal_year_en text None
hospitality_compared_fiscal_year_fr text None
conference_fees_compared_fiscal_year_en text None
conference_fees_compared_fiscal_year_fr text None
minister_compared_fiscal_year_en text None
minister_compared_fiscal_year_fr text None
owner_org text None
owner_org_title text None

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Created January 18, 2017
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