CFIA National Microbiological Monitoring Program Data - 2017-2018 - Fresh and Ready-to-Eat Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables Data - 2017-2018

Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Program // Programme text None
Commodity // Produit text None
Sample Plan Number // Numero du Plan d'echantillonnage text None
Sample Plan Description // Description du Plan d'echantillonnag text None
System ID // Numero d'identification text None
Date Sampled // Date d'echantillonnage text None
Country of Origin // Pays d'Origine text None
Product Description // Description du produit text None
Analysis - Description // Description de l'analyse text None
Method Number // Numero de la Methode text None
Result // Resultat text None
Result - Unit // Resultat - Unite text None
Analysis Assessment // Evaluation de l'analyse text None

Additional Information

Created March 5, 2020
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