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Archive of river ice roughness as monitored on selected rivers by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) using satellite imagery for the mitigation of ice jam associated risks.

In order to mitigate ice jam induced floods risks, Natural Resources Canada emergency geomatics service (EGS) may be activated by Canada’s emergency management authorities. As new satellite imagery becomes available, NRCan will produce river ice roughness maps and update the dataset in near real time (4 hours). This item contains the complete record of the river ice roughness products generated in past years. For any data to the current year, please refer to the River Ice in Canada - Current Year entry.

The river ice product is generated and validated on a best effort basis. Various factors may affect the quality of the river ice roughness maps. Those factors include but are not limited to: sensor type, image resolution or the limitations of the methodology used.

To view a specific product, filter the data by date (UTC Date) and area of interest (AOI). Links to download specific image from the FTP site of EGS are available in the Resources section.


Emergency response authorities are the primary users of these satellite-derived river ice roughness map products. These products are generated to provide analysis and emergency response situational awareness and to facilitate decision-making during major flood events. The river ice roughness products are generated rapidly and limited time is available for editing and validation. The river ice roughness products reflect the river ice surface roughness conditions at the date/time of acquisition. While efforts are made to produce high quality products, near-real time products may contain errors due to the limited time available for validation and the limited availability of ground thruthing data.

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