Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Projections

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We publish Canada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) and air pollutant emissions projections each year.

The GHG emissions projections help us measure progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. GHG emissions projections are presented for a few scenarios. The air pollutant projections reflect our action to reduce air pollution.

Description of site contents:

Because of the large number of tables, results are presented in folders and sub-folders. Below is a description of the folder structure:

• current_projections_actuelles: This folder includes our most recent projections as reported in Greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions projections: 2021 (

• previous_projections_precedentes: This folder includes projections that were initially reported since 2017 (see our Greenhouse gas emissions projections page at for links to these reports).

Starting in 2018, results are split in two additional sub-folders. Each includes a file named readme_lisezmoi.txt, which provides additional details about the data included in each sub-folder.

• Starting in 2021, a file named “combined-table-tableau-combiné.xlsx” is also included in the top folder. This file contains a summary of all data tables included in the “GHG – GES” and "Energy - Énergie" sub-folders.

• The sub-folder named "GHG - GES" includes tables presenting GHG and, starting in 2018, air pollutant emissions data. Starting in 2021, the folder also includes tables outlining Canada’s LULUCF net GHG fluxes and accounting contributions.

• The sub-folder named "Energy - Énergie" includes tables presenting energy and macroeconomic data for each sector included in the "GHG - GES" folder. Starting in 2021, the sub-folder includes a table showing emission factors for flaring, venting, and fugitive emissions from the Oil and Gas sector.

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