Oceans Act Marine Protected Areas

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Marine protected areas (MPA) are one among a number of spatial management tools that contribute to the improved health, integrity and productivity of our marine ecosystems and help advance integrated ocean management. As planning Canada’s marine protected area network moves forward, the locations of future Oceans Act Marine Protected Areas will be selected based on a systematic and collaborative approach described in the National Framework for Canada's Network of Marine Protected Areas (2011). Currently, Fisheries and Oceans Canada has a number of Marine Protected Areas designated under the Oceans Act and Areas of Interest for new Marine Protected Areas at various stages of progress towards designation. These areas are ecologically significant, with species and/or properties that require special management consideration. An Oceans Act Marine Protected Area (http://www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/oceans/index-eng.html) is an area of the sea that forms part of the internal waters of Canada, the territorial sea of Canada or the exclusive economic zone of Canada designated for the conservation and protection of: - commercial and non-commercial fishery resources, including marine mammals, and their habitats; - endangered or threatened marine species, and their habitats; - unique habitats; - marine areas of high biodiversity or biological productivity; and - any other marine resource or habitat as is necessary to fulfill the mandate of the Minister.

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