Biomass Agriculture Inventory 1-in-10 Probability

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The “Biomass Agriculture Inventory 1-in-10 Probability” dataset is a table that contains the estimated 1-in-10 year low for agricultural residue yield and crop production for each Biomass Report Framework. It provides the tenth percentile values for the years 1985-2016.

The table includes straw or stover information for barley, wheat, flax, oats and corn, and crop information for barley, wheat, flax, oats, corn, canola and soybean.

This dataset also includes information about the type of tillage used in the area and demand for straw for cattle bedding and feed. These values are derived from Statistics Canada data. Additionally, the dataset includes the amount of agricultural residue calculated as necessary to remain on the field to prevent soil degradation. Soil degradation is determined by the type of tillage in use as well as the landscape of the area.

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