Results of DFO benthic audits of British Columbia marine finfish aquaculture sites

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Fisheries and Oceans Canada requires operators of active marine finfish aquaculture sites in British Columbia to monitor for benthic (seabed) impacts. The benthic monitoring program is designed to limit the location, area, and intensity of impact created by fish farms to the seabed and to support sustainable aquaculture by maintaining healthy ecosystems.

In addition to the monitoring and reporting required of licence holders, DFO staff biologists conduct field audits to collect and assess sediment samples and take video of the seafloor. This information is used to determine compliance and learn more about benthic impacts during different times of the production cycle. Further review and action may be required for sites with poor environmental performance or issues with non-compliance.

For the results of benthic monitoring activities conducted by the industry, see Results of industry benthic monitoring of BC marine finfish aquaculture sites.

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