Modernizing Canada's Radioactive Waste Policy: Comments and Ideas Submitted

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In November 2020, the Minister of Natural Resources Canada launched an inclusive engagement process to modernize Canada’s policy for the management of radioactive waste. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) officials led the six-month engagement process with the support of other federal government departments with responsibilities for the management of radioactive waste. Our goal is to inform a modernized policy that continues to reflect international practices in the area of radioactive waste management, the best available science, and the values and principles of Canadians and Indigenous Peoples. Interested individuals and groups submitted their comments and ideas about radioactive waste management in Canada, which are captured in this document. Please note that information provided by external sources may not be subject to the Official Languages Act and is published in the language(s) in which it was submitted. Where applicable, comments that violate the Terms of Use have been redacted. The submissions reflect the views from interested participants, but does not reflect policy direction, nor Natural Resources Canada’s intent. The Government of Canada is not responsible for the content of other websites quoted in the submissions and does not endorse the sites and their content.

Please note that any comments provided below will contribute to the development of the Open Government portal and the Government of Canada’s approach to Open Government, and is not related to the Modernization of the Radioactive Waste Policy.

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