Canadian Hydrographic Service Non-Navigational (NONNA) Bathymetric Data

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----- PRODUCT USE -----

The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) NONNA Bathymetric Data products are for NON-NAVIGATIONAL USE ONLY. Please see the CHS NON-NAVIGATIONAL BATHYMETRIC DATA LICENCE AGREEMENT in the resources section below for further terms and conditions governing the use of this data.

Under the Navigation Safety Regulations, 2020, made pursuant to the Canada Shipping Act (2001), notwithstanding exceptions, vessels navigating in Canadian waters must carry and use nautical charts and related publications issued by, or on the authority of the CHS.

To obtain official navigational products released by the CHS, please see:

For bathymetry outside of Canada’s jurisdiction, please consult the appropriate Hydrographic Office.


The CHS NONNA-10 and NONNA-100 Bathymetric Data products represent a consolidation of digital bathymetric sources managed by the CHS.

The « NONNA » refers to NON-NAvigational.

The « 10 » or « 100 » references the approximate resolution (in metres) of the data.

The CHS NONNA-10 individual product coverage is as follows:

   • South of 68°N the products = 0.1° latitude X 0.1° longitude (0.0001 degrees)

   • 68°N-80°N the products = 0.1° latitude X 0.2° longitude (0.0002 degrees)

   • 80°N and north the products = 0.1° latitude X 0.4° longitude (0.0004 degrees)

The CHS NONNA-100 individual product coverage is as follows:

   • South of 68°N the products = 1° latitude X 1° longitude (0.001 degrees)

   • 68°N-80°N the products = 1° latitude X 2° longitude (0.002 degrees)

   • 80°N and north the products = 1° latitude X 4° longitude (0.004 degrees)

There are various valid vertical datums associated with CHS' bathymetric sources. As a result, the vertical reference of the CHS NONNA products does not conform to a unified vertical datum.

Although the NONNA products are intended to include only bathymetric data, some areas may include data on land. Elevation values will appear as a positive number when querying the data in the CHS NONNA Data Portal.

Please note that gaps in the data may be visible where modern surveys have not yet been conducted or where legacy data has not yet been digitized.

Data sources included in the NONNA products may not have been subjected to the same level of quality assurance as those in official navigational products.

The CHS NONNA products will be updated annually and made available by the last Friday of April of each calendar year.


CHS NONNA products adhere to the following naming convention: NONNA10_4360N07940W

   • NONNA10 = the product and will be either NONNA100 or NONNA10

   • 4360N07940W = the south-west corner of the NONNA cell.

These products are available to view, query and download via the CHS NONNA Data Portal. The following formats are available for download:

• 32-bit GeoTIFF




These formats can be opened using various GIS applications.

Alternatively, the CHS NONNA products can be accessed via Web Map Service (WMS), Web Coverage Service (WCS) or Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) links.

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