Coast of Bays Metrics: Geography, Hydrology and Physical Oceanography of an Aquaculture Area of the South Coast of Newfoundland

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This dataset was compiled as part of a multiyear effort lead by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) to support sustainable aquaculture regulation in the Coast of Bays, an area of the south coast of Newfoundland. It is the first of a series aiming to provide an oceanographic knowledge baseline of the Coast of Bays.This dataset consists of GIS products and analyses summarized in a spreadsheet. The GIS data include vector shapefiles and raster TIFF images, providing information on the area of interest physical dimensions (e.g. bays area, volume, perimeter, length and width) and other physical characteristics (e.g. tidal volume and freshwater input).A full description of the data and of its use in the context of the motivating project can be found in Analyses from this dataset were presented during a Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat (CSAS) meeting which took place in St John’s in March 2015 ( and from which a Science Advisory Report ( and Proceedings ( were published.

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