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Data includes: * board information * school information * grade 3 and 6 EQAO student achievements for reading, writing and mathematics * grade 9 EQAO academic and applied student achievements * grade 10 OSSLT student achievement * student demographic percentages on student parents, special education, first language spoken and new students to Canada, This data is shown as reported by: * Board School Identification Database (BSID)/Ontario School Information System (OnSIS) as updated/maintained by boards September 2021 * OnSIS 2017-2018, 2018-2019, Preliminary 2019-2020 (Student Population) * Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) (2017-2018, 2018-2019) * 2016 Census Note: * Preliminary 2019-2020: Preliminary as of March 19, 2021, with all schools that met identified criteria with signed-off submissions. * 2018-2019: Final public posting as of June 18, 2021. Note: Some data have been revised from previously published figures * 2017-2018: Final public posting as of June 18, 2021. Note: Some data have been revised from previously published figures This information is also available on the Ministry of Education's School Information Finder website by individual school. How Are We Protecting Privacy? Results for OnSIS and Statistics Canada variables are suppressed based on school population size to better protect student privacy. In order to achieve this additional level of protection, the Ministry has used a methodology that randomly rounds a percentage either up or down depending on school enrolment. In order to protect privacy, the ministry does not publicly report on data when there are fewer than 10 individuals represented. * Percentages depicted as 0 may not always be 0 values as in certain situations the values have been randomly rounded down or there are no reported results at a school for the respective indicator. * Percentages depicted as 100 are not always 100, in certain situations the values have been randomly rounded up. Note: The information in the School Information Finder is the most current available to the Ministry of Education at this time, as reported by schools, school boards, EQAO and Statistics Canada. The information is updated as frequently as possible. Please note that school enrolment totals have been rounded to the nearest 5 in order to better protect and maintain student privacy. Descriptions for some of the data types can be found in our glossary. Data includes public, Roman Catholic, publicly funded hospitals and provincial schools. Data excludes private schools, Education and Community Partnership Programs (ECPP), summer and night schools. Note : School board and school authority contact information are updated and maintained by school boards and may not be the most current version. For the most recent information please visit: [EQAO]: Education Quality and Accountability Office [OnSIS]: Ontario School Information System *[OSSLT]: Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

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