Major Projects Inventory

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The major projects inventory provides a snapshot of major natural resource projects currently under construction or for which construction is planned to be initiated in the next 10 years. The inventory includes major projects that increase, extend or improve natural resource production in Canada, including new extraction projects, infrastructure projects and major processing facilities. Large expansion projects are also included in the inventory.DISCLAIMER: Data is sourced from federal, provincial, and territorial databases, publicly accessible websites, and other sources, including CANOILS. Data and maps are for illustrative purposes only. Users understand that, although all efforts have been made to accurately and exhaustively compile, locate and classify projects, the authors do not guarantee the accuracy and/or the comprehensiveness of the data and assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. The routes of the proposed transmission lines and pipelines are approximations, often using only start and end points. In support of this initiative, proponents and partners are encouraged to contact Natural Resources Canada should they identify any significant errors or omissions.

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