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  • Probability of the annual minimum snow and ice (MSI) presence over Canada

    Snow and ice are important hydrological resources. Their minimum spatial extent here referred to as annual minimum snow/ice (MSI) cover, plays a very important role as an indicator of long-term changes and baseline capacity for surface water storage. The MSI probability is derived from sequence...
    Natural Resources Canada
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  • Meteorological Observations

    Meteorological Observations describe datasets that contain information about weather and climate conditions as available on the City-Pages of the Environment Canada web site. These pages contain information about current weather conditions and past climate including...
    Environment and Climate Change Canada
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  • Radar

    The radar network consists of 31 weather radars spanning Canada's most populated regions, providing coverage to over 95% of the population. The network's primary purpose is the early detection of developing thunderstorms and high impact weather.
    Environment and Climate Change Canada
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