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    Lakes, Rivers and Glaciers in Canada - CanVec Series - Hydrographic Features

    The hydrographic features of the CanVec series include watercourses, water linear flow segments, hydrographic obstacles (falls, rapids, etc.), waterbodies (lakes, watercourses, etc.), permanent snow and ice features, water wells and springs. The Hydrographic features theme provides quality...
    Natural Resources Canada
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    Tributary Water Quality - Oil Sands Region

    Water Quality Monitoring on Tributaries in the Athabasca River Oil Sands Region Ells River (EL1, ELLS RIFF 2, ELLS RIFF5 [2012-2015]) Mackay River (MA1 [2012-2015], MA2 [2013-2015]) Steepbank River (STB RIFF1, STB WSC, STB RIFF7, STB RIFF10 [2012-2015]) Firebag River (FI1, FI WSC [2012-2015])...
    Environment and Climate Change Canada
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